Friday, February 19, 2010

feel encouraged...


The world will not always offer you encouragement. Often you must supply your own.

Many times you'll have good reason to feel sorry for yourself.
Yet you can just as easily choose to feel encouraged about yourself.

Reach deep inside and find the goodness that is always there, the goodness you may have forgotten about. Feel the positive purpose that nothing can take away from you.

You are worthy and relevant, effective and capable of the very best. Remind yourself often.

Keep in mind that every disappointment is temporary. Every frustration can be overcome.

There is every reason to persist, to endure and to move forward with the most positive of expectations. Because deep within, you know you can.

--Ralph Marston

saw this quote on Gina's blog. think about how our world would change if everyone committed these thoughts to memory. wow.



  1. LOVE this - thanks for sharing Tania & Gina!! Big hugs!

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  3. Thanks Tania, I got it off Deana's blog . . . those words really meant something when I first read them . . . they are so true!

  4. This is such an encouraging quote. Thanks for sharing!

    I just read about your daughter Tania. I will be praying for her (and you). I hope that the chemo works well. One of my son's has sensory integration disorder. He's only 3 years old so we are just beginning the journey of understanding it.


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