Tuesday, February 02, 2010

hola clicksen makes her debut.

alternate post title: Reason #284 Why I have the BEST blog readers.

so, we're minding our own business, rushing busily through the holidays, mid-December (i think) and i get this super sweet email in my inbox giving me a heads up that mail is on it's way to my oldest daughter. just in case i wasn't cool with the idea and wanted to intercept it before she saw it.

but, seriously, the idea was just the sweetest thing ever.

you see, ashlyn has always, always, always been into art and creating things. and if you've read my blog for any length of time, you already know that she just thinks her mommy is the coolest thing ever for getting paid to make art. my coolness factor skyrocketed when she discovered that i was getting paid to make cards via my etsy shop. (my poor neglected etsy shop *sigh*).

this little school paper might solidify it for you.

found this morning in her Monday folder that comes home full of graded schoolwork every Monday. the girl thinks i'm the bees knees. but i think it's time to have a little chat about what famous really means, heh. i won't lie....i love that i'm her idol and not someone in hollywood.

i should also mention, she's a dreamer too. "mommy, do you think someday i could sell my art in my own etsy shop?" she asks often. i might have mentioned it a time or two here on the blog.

so.......the mail arrived here before Christmas, I believe (wow........embarrassed & sorry it took us so long Tona). the mail always comes between 4 and 5, so i wasn't home when she got it. but she called me immediately out of breath from excitement and told me all about it. i hadn't told her it was coming, so it was a complete surprise.


"Dear Ashlyn,
I saw some of your wonderful drawings on your mom's blog. I love your artwork. You are very talented. I enclosed $2.00 and a self addressed stamped envelope, hoping that you would be willing to sell me one of your drawings. Thanks, Tona"

we put the letter and return envelope on the front of the fridge as a reminder.

she spent the next several weeks drawing something, then trashing it, drawing another something, then trashing it. nothing was sufficient enough or worthy of the $2---in her mind. so she decided to take a break and gather ideas. she wanted it to be perfect!

then we had christmas.
and new years.
and CHA deadlines.
and doctors appointments.

and...........finally. she was happy with something that she could put her famous pseudo name "Hola Clicksen" signature on. but she signed her real name too, so you wouldn't be confused. hahahaa.


and it's going in the mail today! so, Tona. thank you for being a part of making childhood memories. it's something she won't soon forget!

Conclusion: we think you're the coolest!



  1. Omgosh! She did make it perfect!! How adorable is that?!

  2. That's a couple of incredibly cute stories :)

  3. How cool is that!

    Great work Ashlyn!

  4. Very neat, I will have to get the artist autograph the next time I see her!!


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