Thursday, March 25, 2010

home again...

time just got away from me.....sorry for the delayed update.

we're home and spidergirl is doing much better now. surgery lasted a whole 10 minutes. while the Dr was rather surprised and encouraged not to see any drainage come out when he made the incisions, he was also disappointed to see lots of inflammation---meaning another infection was brewing.

she's got a tremendous amount of scarring on her left eardrum, but we're told it shouldn't affect her hearing down the road, as the scarring will stretch as her eardrum grows. we have a hearing test in 3 weeks.

the effects of anesthesia this time weren't pleasant. they made her sick to her stomach most of the day and the crying........oh, the crying. let's just say until about 7 o'clock tonight she was overly sensitive and tears fell for no reason at all.

as of now, she's still complaining of a sore throat, but they didn't put any tubes down her throat. but "it hurts really, really, really, really bad." she says, in the most pitiful voice ever. *sigh*

she's so brave. it's no fair that she's had to go through so much in just 5 years.

but really.......she's pretty much back to her normal self! YAY!

our biggest problem at the moment is trying to locate the rainstick toy that they gave her in pre-op. it's been misplaced and her whole world is crashing down. Oy.

now, i must hit the sack and prepare for ashlyn's appointment in the morning with the skin cancer doc.


  1. I thought about her all day. I am glad it went well, even if she is a bit out of sorts! I hope the doctor's visit tomorrow goes well too. You know, I always hear how God doesn't give us more than we can bear. But, I swear, some have to bear a LOT. Hugs and I will be praying the load lifts a bit on you all.

  2. sweet sweet sweet thumb sucker girl!! glad it went well!!!!

  3. sweet sweet sweet thumb sucker girl!! glad it went well!!!!

  4. Oy. Giant hugs to you and all of yours! Glad the surgery went well but sorry you had to deal with it in the first place. Will keep you in my thoughts for tomorrow's appointment, too!

  5. oh I can't imagine the life you lead, but I admire your courage and ability to cope through it all, and still manage to lead an amazingly creative life. And here I was thinking the splinter in my daughter hand yesterday caused enough of a saga! Am thinking and praying for you all :)

  6. thank you everyone! you know, melanie, i have heard people say that for years. sometimes i feel like i'm barely surviving through it all, LOL. thank God, i have a husband who is a team player and shares household & parenting chores more than any other husband i know. i got lucky.

  7. I am glad that Spidergirl is doing well sorry to hear that another infection is brewing. Will be thinking about you as you travel with your other daughter.

  8. So glad that she's herself again!! It's so NOT fair that she had to go through all that!


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