Friday, March 12, 2010

my supscisions were confirmed.

this look is so typical for emma.

it's what i call her 'huh? what?' face. also known as: 'i can't hear you or understand what you're saying, but i'm trying to show you that i really am trying to pay attention' look. as if to say "who you talkin' to willis?"

i literally laughed out loud when it popped up on the screen after i downloaded it off the camera card.

Spidergirl is currently deaf in her left ear thanks to all the gunk that likes to invade her ears and cause infection.....over and over and over again. *sigh*

but that should soon enough be resolved after a quick visit to the surgery center at Children's Hospital for another ear surgery to insert a new set of tubes. long lasting tubes. 2-3 years they tell me. let's just hope.

this time should be much easier not having to deal with the long recovery from adenoid & tonsil removal. thank God. i can handle a 10 minute surgery & sending her back to normal life immediately. that's about the only thing i can handle right now, LOL.

they are going to call us with the surgery date when an opening comes available. until then? lots of huh? what? and frustration cause she can't hear to well. she's more frustrated with us because we can't understand what she's saying half the time---it's affected her speech a bit.

then, after surgery.......we'll be dealing with super sonic hearing woes because she'll be able to hear everything---amplified. LOL.

"ooooooooooouch my ears hurt"
"not so loud"
"turn it down please"
"what was that!?"
"did you hear that!"
"i can't sleep there's scary noises"

oh, the joys of parenting. heh.



  1. I totally remember that. My first ended up with tubes (only once though!) and now my youngest is off and on doing the "huh" "what" or completely unintentional "ignoring"...we're waiting for audiologist appt. #2...and praying that she won't need tubes too.
    Yup, the joys of parenting :)

  2. I can't imagine months of not hearing. My left ear is still full and I haven't been able to hear for a week. I went back to my doctor and told her that she HAD to DO SOMETHING. Good thing she's got a good mommy who can spot these things.


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