Wednesday, March 10, 2010

throw your hands up and SHOUT.....


what am I shoutin'? M E R C Y!

mercy. mercy. mercy. mercy. mercy. with it, i'm waving a white flag of surrender.

  • our 1:30 appointment today at the ENT, will bring us to 4 dr visits in 6 days for Spidergirl
  • that's a whole lot of leaving work early and driving back and forth.
  • 3 of those 4 visits were for her ears
  • she's been miserable with ear pain for a week now
  • but even when she's miserable, she still manages to be silly and smile.
  • i LOVE that about her.
  • she's current taking her 32nd antiobiotic in the 5 years she's been alive
  • she actually gets excited to take antiobiotics because she knows that means relief
  • thankfully she's a good medicine taker. mostly.
  • she hates.hates.hates. antiobiotic ear drops though
  • not so good at letting me do those without a fit
  • i'm guessing they'll schedule us for another surgery today for a second set of tubes
  • it's harder and harder lately to understand many words in her vocabulary
  • evidence that her hearing loss has return with the left tube being blocked, right tube totally out.
  • yesterday, though, was allergy testing
  • she has allergic reactive asthma
  • 2 1/2 years ago allergy testing was a breeze
  • when they're 5.........not so much. it was torture.
  • 56 pricks in her back. welted up in a matter of seconds. and VERY itchy.
  • she cried and squirmed and cried and squirmed
  • we were hoping that she'd have grown out of the allergies a bit by now
  • but instead.......she's now allergic to 16 things, instead of just 4
  • extreme to cats, dogs & horses....moderate to 6 grasses, trees, oak, mold, dust mites, cockroaches (ew!), hamsters. and more i can't even remember at the moment.
  • with all the doctor visits, and different specialists, she now asks, "is this the doctor with the treasure chest?" "is this the doctor with the fish on the wall" "is this the doctor at the hospital?"
  • now it'll be "is this the doctor that gives me a shot"
  • week immunotherapy shots are now on our schedule for her.
  • *sigh*
  • M E R C Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i need a mental break.
  • my checkbook needs a break too. ha.
  • ashlyn was doing really well on her chemo medicine until this week. she's now on day 3 of a really upset tummy and not eating well at all, and has a couple ulcers that sting like crazy in her mouth.
  • in otherwords, she's a total crankbutt. can't blame her though.
clearly, i need to find some time to decompress from all this stress. but now. it's time to leave for that ENT appointment.


    You are one strong mom.
    I'll be praying for you and your two sweeties.

  2. Just keep telling yourself "this too shall pass". Hang in there though I do know how hard that can be.
    As a side note, my son who had major ear infections also has apraxia (it is a speech disorder that a person has to train their mouth to move ... hard to explain!) Anyway, he did not talk at ALL until the day he got ear tubes at age 3, which is why we didn't KNOW he had a real speech disorder. So yeah, ear infections are terrible! I am so glad his worked with the first set!
    Here is to hoping her second set does the trick!

  3. I've been through the allergy test with my then-3-yr-old. It was not a fun experience. Nor was finding out we'd need to carry an Epipen with us everywhere we go forever. I cried the whole way home & then ...we just figured it all out & it became a new way of life.

    So sorry to hear about another surgery. And wow... that is a lot of antibiotics in her young life.

    Sending prayers & big hugs for you, Ashlyn & Spidergirl....

  4. I'm so sorry Tania. Hope things get better soon!

  5. I had to go through the allergy testing with my son too . . . he's allergic to every single grass, weed, and tree that are local to us . . . he was such a brave boy during the testing though! I agree with Tanis, you are one STRONG Mommy . . . both your girls are very lucky to have you! :)

  6. I too was a late talker like Melanie's son. Now I will be telling my age ;) we didn't have the help we have now days, that is such a blessing.
    I'll be praying for you and your girls and we can't forget about Daddy.
    The girls are so lucky to have you for their Mom, you have such love for them, compassion, understanding,and you have your blog to express your feelings.
    Hope today will be better.

  7. Oh goodness girlie!! Praying HARD!!
    Hang in there!!!!

    Wish I lived closer to give you some comic relief. I am always good for that. :)


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