Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a spring card & other randomness...

  • it's been a while since i've blogged on a daily basis. i miss it.
  • all throughout the day, i get lots of random ideas of stories that need told.
  • but now that i have a quick minute to blog, i can't remember any of them.
  • honestly, i feel like i forgot how to blog. writers block, i suppose?
so, how's about some randomness....
  • only 22 more days until April 15th!!! only those working in an accounting office are counting down, i'm sure. tax season surely doesn't end on the 15th, but the stress level at work will go waaaaaaay down after that.
  • Easter is just around the corner---that means little grandma with the crumbles on her face will be home soon! YAY!
  • this week i've been working full-time hours at work. it's kicking my butt.
  • today i'm taking a small break from the heart monitor. i'm extremely allergic to the electrode patches and have huge welts everywhere that they've been applied. itchy & painful.
  • i'm a little big closer to that etsy update, but it won't get done before the weekend.
  • the only positive of a racing heart? losing weight without trying.
  • the major negative? i'm tired. but can't sleep at night. so not fun.
  • i'm looking for some fun, creative yet do-able Easter egg coloring ideas.....other than regular dye. what kind of creative spin do you incorporate when coloring eggs?


  1. Not a massive easter person but I do remember from my school days that we used onion skins to dye our eggs. I just found this set of instructions:
    but when googling i saw heaps of great ideas- i might be an easter person yet.


    no great creative coloring ideas here---just use the store bought dyes---it is one of my very favorite activities


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