Thursday, March 04, 2010

well, hello mr. sun

(print from THE LOVE SHOP)

thank God for the truth of that statement, yes?

yesterday was a doozy, and went a little something like this....

2:30AM Spidergirl, wide awake cause she's hearin' scary noises
5:15AM Doug puts her in bed with me and jumps in the shower
5:25AM His alarm goes off on his cellphone and Ashlyn is startled awake
5:26AM Ashlyn jumps out of bed to grab his phone and F R E A K S out
5:26AM My heartrate goes from 80 to 200 beats per minute
5:30AM Doug turns the light on and says "wow, it's gonna be a goooooooood day" in the most sarcastic tone he can muster
6:00AM I float back to dreamland
6:05AM I get punched in the face by Spidergirl---she was just checkin to see if i was still there
6:30AM Finally give up on getting any more sleep

the next 2 hours are a blur.....but there was lots of whining about "my ear hurts", "the tv is too loud", "i need a bandaid", "those scary noises won't go away"

8:30AM The doctor is called for Spidergirl's earache (and scary noises she's hearing---crackling) I suspect swimmer's ear since I can't even get near her ear.
8:45AM Drive the Princess to school
9:15AM Back home
10:00AM Leave for doctor
10:30AM Doctor confirms swimmers ear
11:00AM Grab Spidergirl some lunch
11:45AM Drive her to preschool
12:15PM Arrive at Pharmacy
12:45PM Jaw hits the floor as I'm told her eardrops are $25! the bottle holds no more than a tablespoon of medicine. Before insurance they were $143.
1:00PM Arrive at work
3:30PM Leave work for counseling

yadda, yadda, yadda..........

(print from Farouche)

but today? you can throw just about anything my way today.....because, TODAY, the SUN is shining!!!!

it's such a spectacular sight. so bright and sunshiny! and WARM! ahhhhhhhhhh. Spring, please hurry!


  1. Earaches are no fun . . . I hope she feels better soon! :)

  2. Having had swimmers ear myself once I can tell you it is extremely painful and that $25 will be well worth it!
    Beautiful bright prints always help too!


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