Monday, April 19, 2010

168 hours of my life.....

this week will be all about 'Capturing the moments of life', with my camera.
168 consecutive hours. a week in the life.

yep, i'm playin' along with the fabulous Ali E.

prepared to capture....
the everyday.
the imperfect.
the boring.
the chaos.
the busyness.
the routines.
the deadlines.
the Spidergirl.
the Princess.
the Mister.
the love.

should be an interesting week.

it's my first week back to working part-time hours which means i have a few hours of work-at-home time without interruptions.....kinda. a few of my mornings are busy with appointments, kindergarten round-up, and my afternoons with more appointments--well-child for emma, allergy shots and counseling for me.

pretty typical week.
wonder if there will be any surprises.

are you playing along?
curious and wanting to play along? read this post from Ali's blog. then you'll be ready to join in.

it's super easy. all you need is: a camera, some paper & a pen to document the details.

here's a look at last time i played along. i just took pictures and typed up the details, they never did land in an album. i'm okay with that.

after peeking at my pictures from this project last time around, i can honestly say that life doesn't look much different. but it will be interesting to compare then & now when it's all done.

come on...........join me!


  1. I think I about convinced to do this again this year! Seems like just about everybody is doing it. :)

  2. i'm in this year too! it will be fun seeing what we come up with. im afraid my days will all look the same!! stressful mornings - work - dinner - bedtime ... but im hoping i discover more!! have a great week!!


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