Wednesday, April 21, 2010

week in MY life 4.19.10

monday, started out as any other day....

alarm at 7:05, in the shower, spidergirl awake sometime during my shower and she promptly plopped herself on the couch to watch a toon on the tube. if i'm lucky, i make it down to the livingroom after my shower and get to sit in silence for a few minutes---doesn't happen often.

anywho. i sit on the heating pad to check email & plan my workflow on the laptop while she snuggles in the chair with me. she's always wanting spongebob on the tv, or spiderman. such a tomboy. then, get my hair dry/styled around 7:40. Princess girl awake at 7:50, usually without a meltdown. it takes her a while to actually get up out of bed, so i take the few minutes to get spidergirl dressed.

she's then told to grab her two small toys she's allowed to bring to preschool and put them by the door. she does this every morning, but in the next 45 minutes before we leave, they get picked up and misplaced at least 6 times. *sigh*

ash takes much better to me picking out her clothes and helping her put each piece on, then simple instructions from there on out. telling her to brush her hair, get socks, shoes, breakfast, brush teeth all at once is too overwhelming. so i give her one "chore" at a time, two if i sense she's in a non-combative/defensive mood....which isn't often in the mornings.

during this time me and spidergirl are brushing teeth....we brush together and she mimics everything i do. it's the only way to make sure she gets them all without me fighting her for control of the toothbrush to do it for her myself.

this is the most emotional part of my day usually, because princess girl is NOT a morning person and everything is a major ordeal. i find myself very tense and walking on eggshells just waiting for her to meltdown about something.

this morning is was because she had cleaned the livingroom spotless the evening before as a surprise, but woke up to find some shoes out of place and emma's pajamas and a babydoll laying on the floor. you would have thought it was the end of all eternity as much as she carried on about it.

my girls have never been breakfast eaters. usually it's "hello kitty toast, please." but this morning ash wanted fruitloops and spidergirl was hankering for tortilla chips with melted colbyjack. during breakfast time, i get lunch packed and then take a few moments to apply some makeup. gotta be quick doing it though so i can referee the moody one.

then it's juggling bookbags, toys, jackets, medicine taking & finding the two toys spidergirl had ready to go & just can't live without, that are now nowhere to be found. *sigh*

s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l. that's my morning.

8:50 out the door.

i'm back to part-time hours, so i had two hours to catch up on a month's work of morning chores. mainly laundry. sorting. folding. hanging. straightening bedrooms, gathering dirty clothes.

i usually use this time to work on deadlines in the studio. but as you can see, my studio table is full of piles. actually, that's the side that the girls work from. princess girl just piles and piles and piles.......until i help her clean it up. the mess makes me twitchy.

on the way to work, my car was acting up and kept sputtering, so after work, i took it over to have the oil changed and fluids check--$37.99---RIPOFF. then grabbed a fuel injector relay and air filter at auto zone (another $18) , then take-out chinese for dinner. (somehow my autozone photo disappeared....hmrph)

for me: chicken & vegetables, brown sauce, steamed rice
for the mister: schezwan chicken, no vegetables, fried rice
for the kids: chicken, baby corn & carrots, brown sauce, fried rice

the evening was full of busy chaos.

while doug was reviewing princess girl's monday folder i was unloading clean dishes. then, doug was called to help a friend move something and came home with ornamental grass starts for the landscape that needed put in the ground. meanwhile the girls kicked the soccer ball, rode scooters and emma practiced writing 'cat' on the pavement with chalk.

she's over the moon excited about being able to spell C-A-T. while ashlyn is excited that she has enough hand/eye/foot coordination to drop a soccer ball and kick it across the yard before it hits the ground. coordination is not one of her strengths. ha.

while planting he got a call from my brother asking for help moving furniture that required borrowing our truck. meanwhile i got the kids in the bath--a chore doug normally does to keep me healthy--and proceeded to totally throw my back into a contorted mess in the process. oh joy. this is why i don't/can't give baths.

anywho. full day. typical day. just lots of juggling kids & chores & family time & dealing with chronic pain.

i was in bed at 9. waaaaaaay early for me. two nights of insomnia will do that to you.

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  1. Whew! purposeful gal, you are! I noticed in your studio, the teal/geen/blue shelf-y thing with the drawer in the corner...I have that too in my studio! I love that thing! Especially the color! I would feel right at home in your little fun, creative space!!! Thanks for shaing!


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