Thursday, April 22, 2010

week in MY life 4.20.10

this morning was much like yesterday, except it actually involved tears (ashlyn) over the livingroom not staying spotless. she has a hard time with change.
going to bed early, means waking up to a sink full of dirty dishes. blech. especially the soaking ones from the Mister fixing chicken wings. ewwwww. gross.
added to our tuesday morning routine is signing the Monday folder. daddy already took care of it. looooooooove that. because i can never find a pen. we have markers, crayons, colored pencils and dry erase markers in every corner of the house---literally. but never an ink pen.

anywho. 8:50 couldn't come soon enough for spidergirl. cute outfit & spiderman shoes. that she for some reason calls 'sketchers'. they are not sketchers. today she has the velcro straight. usually it's criss-cross. she's my 'do the opposite of normal' child.
this morning was kindergarten round up. she is over the moon excited about being able to start kindergarten this fall and being in 'real' school with her older sister. she was tickled pink over the office coordinator at the school knowing who she was and why she was there. we LOVE mrs. ray.
during the hour session of round-up the kids went off with a few of the kindergarten teachers while the parents met with one of the others for an overview of what to expect. when you have one entering kindergarten the thought crosses your mind often..."oh my, they are growing soooo fast."
but today i walked into the room with a projected image on the screen that said "welcome class of 2023." went put in those terms i thought "schooling through graduation is foooooooorever far away." it's a good thing. she's my baby.

we left the meeting with her skipping all the way to the car with her new bag with some school supplies in it and papers to practice cutting and tracing. then off to preschool. of course, with her two toys for free-play in tow.
she always, always, always takes a stuffie and a regular toy. she's still obsessed with picking off fuzz from her stuffie and rubbing it on her nose while she sucks her thumb. usually only something she does when she's tired or riding in the car. oh, and the stuffie is generally a doggie or a kitty. since she can't be around real dogs or cats on a daily basis, she's gathered quite the collection of stuffed versions.
back in the car to head to work. my car is littered with stuffed 'yanimals' (spidergirl's pronunciation) and preschool papers/artwork.
at work for a few hours where i read blogs, started drafts of blogs, filed some papers, and pretty much did nothing. it was a super sloooooooow day. 3:30 back out the door and in the car again for counseling.
came home to a handmade piece of happy mail that said on the inside "just wanted you to know i said an extra prayer for you today". made me cry. i needed that extra prayer. thank you.
and a vase of flowers from my love. just because. just because they were staring him in the face at the store and he knew i'd like them. i love just because flowers.
mac n cheese and hotdogs for dinner because daddy was spending time with a friend and this is their favorite 'when daddy is gone meal'.
and an evening of playing dressup, playing school, fighting over computer time, watching iCarly, painting, snuggling, laundry, dishes, and American Idol.
another typical day. very busy. go, go, go, go, go. story of my life.


  1. You have about as many miles on your car as I do mine. Too many.

    Love your day in photos.

  2. heee. yeppers. we have three vehicles (one is out of commission) and the other two have at least that many.

    we're a 'drive 'em 'til they die' family.

  3. my baby girl is a "do opposite" girl.. she insists on wearing her shoes on the wrong feet and her pants backwards... not always worth the fight to get it fixed. :-)

  4. I know what you mean about when they start school it seems like forever when before they are done. However I have discovered that the class of 2012 is coming up very soon. yikes


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