Tuesday, April 27, 2010

thoughts on the week in the life project...

gosh, i'm sick of talking about my day to day life. ha!

so glad that sunday was the last day of this documenting stuff. i was so ready to be done by friday afternoon. HA.

tomorrow, thursday & friday.............
i'll be here in this space with lots of scrapbooking inspiration---some of my newest favorite projects! i can't wait to share! one of them includes a FREE tutorial, step by step with lots of pictures. :)

in the meantime....some thoughts on the week in the life project:

i still feel like there are so many more photos of 'real life' that haven't been captured.

like photos of ...
  • all the million little things that doug does to keep us going.
  • cooking.
  • laundry toting.
  • bathtime.
  • taking out the garbage.
  • mowing the grass.
  • the meltdowns.
  • the girls bickering.
  • me in pain.
  • me napping.
  • me sitting on the heating pad.
  • me working on freelance work.
  • clutter everywhere.
  • doug relaxing watching football.
and the list could go on.

i'm thinking i can use photos i've taken over the last year to fill in some of the gaps. but, i'm not going to beat myself up over it.

now i just need to watch ali's blog to see how she pulls these photos all together into an album. last time i did this project, i only did the photos + words here on the blog and it was done with not much effort. i really went for it this time.

if you participated, have you started putting your photos together as an album? if so, link me up in the comments. i need some inspiration. :)

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