Tuesday, April 27, 2010

week in MY life: 4.25.2010


sundays always start slow. it's the day after chemo day, so Ashlyn is always a bit tired and ready to just lay around. it takes her a while to wake up. this is really the only consistent side effect we've seen from her dose of chemo.

sure we've had days with complaints of canker sores in her mouth and days with headaches and even days with a fair amount of hair coming out when brushing after her bath. but the only guaranteed effect is that on sunday she's just tired and a bit mellow.

so it's a slow day for us.

doug makes bacon & eggs in the mornings. (ewwww...no thanks. i don't like eggs or bacon. or the smell of them.)
we get up and tidy the house so the rest of the day we can relax.
getting dressed for the day is optional.
pills get sorted for the week.
homework gets finished up.
the television plays Nascar or football or basketball.
the oven is almost always baking something homemade.
we play games.
we color.
we nap.
laundry gets sorted and folded.
we hang the hanging clothes.
doug cooks.
more creative time.
the girls fight over computer time.
we sometimes have visitors (today it was my dad, step-mom and grandma & suzi later in the day)

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