Sunday, April 25, 2010

week in MY life 4.22.2010

spidergirl slept in this morning--a rarity. after changing the sheets and scrubbing a mattress soaked with apple juice leaked from a sippy, we were off and running for another full day.

this morning's conversation between spidergirl and myself went a little something like this....

me: "em, come in here so you can get your teeth brushed and your hair brushed."
spidergirl: "spongebob please." (toothpaste)
me: "today we have to go see dr. c, so how about i make your hair all pretty like spiderman's girlfriend."
spidergirl: "oooooooooooh, cool. but, but, but, have to make two pigtails. one on this side and one on that side cause that's how she looks."
me: "done deal girlfriend. your hair is gonna look soooooooo pretty."

she hates having her hair curled. sometimes i can convince her to get all purty. such a tomboy.

today, she had on a blue shirt with sparkly rhinestones, a hand-me-down skirt, knee-high socks, and spiderman velcro tennies. ha.

all this spidergirl talk had her all excited to find her spiderman costume and mask. so we went digging through the dress up closet. it took a lot of conversation to get her to understand that dressing up as spidergirl was not appropriate for preschool unless it was declared dress-up day by her teachers. which it wasn't.

today we have emma's well-child appointment schedule just so the doctor can fill out the form saying she's fit to enter kindergarten. we had her kindergarten shots given last year, so none of that today. it was the first time in 15 months that we've been to the doctor that didn't involve an illness. such a stress relief.

since we're at the doctor so often, i try to pack little surprises to make it a fun time so their memories of going to the doctor aren't dreadful ones. i made a mental note to pack the suit as a surprise.

every morning i come to the stop and make a split section decision on whether to turn right or left. right takes us to preschool, left takes us to the elementary school. the clock makes our decision for us. today, we were a bit early, so the preschooler goes first.

i dropped the kiddos off without even mention that i had a vacation day. selfish of me, eh? i came back home, took a loooooooong hot shower, cleaned the studio, took inventory of the food supply & made a grocery list, did some laundry, and sat on the heating pad some more. pain is still present.

then back out the door to pick up spidergirl, snack & costume in hand. quick change in the restroom. hugs to all her preschool friends. a few pictures. and on our way.

she was tickled pink to get to wear her costume outside of the house.

at the doctor i pulled out a handful of markers that i tucked into my purse specifically for the purpose of coloring up the tissue paper while waiting our turn. she practiced stars, and her name, and drawing kitty cats while taking breaks every few to make silly faces in the mirror. oh, the mirror. kids act all kinds of crazy in front of a mirror.

after the doctor visit we were out the door to purchase some flowers for a visit to grammy's grave which is just a few miles from the doctor and on the way home. while there, we found some things ashlyn had left previously still there.

in usual emma fashion, during the ride home she begged for me to stop for something to eat because she was just sooooooo hungry. very dramatic like. a 4 piece nugget tied her over.

meanwhile, doug was getting ashlyn from school and going straight to the grocery.

the evening was full of unloading groceries, pizza, a visit from friends, kids jumping on the trampoline, the boys watching the draft and playing a little Xbox, me editing photos, laundry, late baths, even later bedtimes.

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