Monday, April 26, 2010

week in MY life 4.23.10

this morning is more of the usual except i'm also packing everything i need, since there's no coming back home before work.

get princess girl off to school and then head 25 miles north to the allergy doctor for spidergirl's weekly shot.

just minutes before her shot she stops playing the DS (which was so generously loaned to by ashlyn's bestie), and says to me....

"i can do much, much better today mommy, than last time. i can. for real." she adds the words 'for real' onto the end of everything she says as if to convince you that she's really not pulling your chain.

we've been counting down the days until this week's shot ever since the minute after the shot she got last week. oh boy, was that a nightmare. she's been willing herself to be brave all week long.

today, she promised--for real, then we pinky swore. gosh, i wish i could bottle her up. i can't get enough of her.

and you know what!? with her abby dog (a story for another day) & wake up puppy in tow she took the shot without a wince or whimper. SO BRAVE. that earned her a sticker from the special sticker drawer. she's already got plans to earn herself another special sticker from Nurse Barb's drawer next week so she can give it to her ashie. see what i mean. i just want to keep her this age forever----well, minus all the doctor visits.

back out to the waiting room we went for 20 minutes before we could leave. what did i do before the DS? oh, yeah, i remember. i pulled my hair out anytime we went to the doctor. dare i say, the waiting is actually pleasant now?

this visit today marked 11 doctor appointments and 1 surgical procedure in the last 45 days. say what!?

we made our way 25 miles south back to preschool (that's 130 miles on my car in just 18 hours) and i had 25 minutes to spare to stop by home and actually eat some lunch before work today. cucumbers, tomatoes, colby jack, black olives and fresh ground black pepper. mmmm.

work was sloooooow again. the after tax deadline lull.

the drive home from work found me dropping off work mail, then heading to Walgreen's--where they know me by name--refilling prescriptions (chemo and folic acid) for Ashlyn. and excited about a quiet relaxing weekend with no plans.

those blissful expectations were changed the moment i walked in the door to find out my brother & newphew were on their way over. not a horrible change of plans since he hasn't been over in 3 months, just needed a change of perspective/expectations on my part.

this is the story of my life. expect the unexpected. always. we're flexible & we're spontaneous.

the time before his arrival was spent sitting around the kitchen table enjoying listening to doug whistle tunes and the girls trying to guess the song. he's awesome at dreaming simple entertainment of this sort.

the evening was spent with the kids playing & the adults visited sitting around the firepit.

another loooooooooong day. i wasn't feelin' like a bunch of photos today.

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  1. wow!!

    its great that you can just go with the flow!!

    Hope this is a wonderful week for you!!

    Be Blessed!


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