Monday, April 12, 2010


this week is going to be highly stressful at work with the upcoming tax deadline, and my brain is fried already. ha. it doesn't take much really.

some random thoughts on a busy monday:
  • the Mister has a blog entry brewing. not sure when he'll have time to actually type it out for your reading pleasure. it's been a while.
  • the Princess had her very first away-from-home-sleepover-with-a-friend this past weekend and didn't even call to come home. she came home acting so grown up.
  • it was sooooooooo peaceful on Saturday with her gone. the girls' are still bickering like all get out. i need some of you seasoned parents to give me your most creative tips for cutting the bickering out.
  • they mostly fight over electronics....the television, the computer.....
  • i admit, i'm not so helpful right now in helping them come to agreements. if they start bickering, they turn it off. end of story. no negotiating. that's been my solution.
  • it works, but next time it's on, they squabble again. *sigh*
  • oh, how i'd loooooooooove to have no television in the house.
  • that would never fly with the Mister. never.
  • anywho.
  • i'm scheduled to see my cardiologist on wednesday to get the news on what they are going to do about the recordings i took on that monitor.
  • i'm just a wee bit scared.
  • friday night i spent watching Ant Bully with the girls while making some fabric yo-yos. some of them will be just perfect for hair barettes for Spidergirl. add a little priss to all that tomboy. ha.
  • ooooooooh, i when my girl was gone staying with her friend, i had a few glorious hours to do whatever i wanted. after fishing through my dull fabric supply the night before, i decided it was time to liven it up a bit. so i went fabric shopping.
  • fabric makes me happy. happy. happy.
  • i'll show you tomorrow. i found lots of fabric that would be perfect as scrapbook paper.
  • right now, though, i have to go finish tallying my expenses so i can file my own tax return. nothing like procrastination. heh.
i really love this song........she has such a unique voice.


  1. Your Hands... love that song! Her CD is what is in my kitchen CD player right now!

  2. As far as two kids fighting - I have a boy and girl - all grown up - but when they were little one had the odd days of the month and one had the even days. Older child got the odd days - that was my call. Then any decisions that got to be made by a child - TV show, video game, restaurant, etc. were decided by the child whose day it was. No arguing (ha, ha, ha) but it did cut down on it a bit. Those with 3 or more kids are on their own!!


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