Tuesday, May 25, 2010

oh, the gems i find in the Monday folder.

ashlyn's teacher this year handled homework and paperwork a little differently than any of her teachers in the past and i quite liked it.

every Monday she came home with something called.........wait for it.........the "Monday folder." the most brilliant invention ever!

in this folder would be graded work from the week before and a homework packet with spelling words to be returned the following Monday. i loooooved this. we were able to fit homework into our schedule---which was usually a little here and a little there on Saturday and/or Sunday with spelling word practice throughout the week. those tests were always on Friday.

i really, really look forward to the Monday folder. each Monday it comes home loaded with paperwork, mostly the usual worksheets, math problems, reading charts, notes about upcoming events, and always with something to hop into a fit of giggles over.

anywho. i've shared gems from the Monday folder in the past, like the "The Wish" story (a fit of giggles), and the famous person she knows.

there is also a spot each week for us to add a little blurb regarding her work and a signature block. doug loves to write funny things like "you are all that and a bag of potato chips!" to which she either stands and scratches her head with confusion or busts a gut laughing for 5 minutes straight. it doesn't take much to confuse OR amuse her. i love that about her!

anywho. this past Monday was our last Monday folder. *sniff, sniff*

but, she didn't let me down!

first, i opened to remove the paperwork and see this:

she's crushing on him hard. if you aren't familiar with American Idol, you won't know who he is. but here's a picture i snagged from American Idol to illustrate the story for you.

he was one of the younger contestants and was voted off just a few weeks ago, but she was a huge fan. she was heartbroken when he left. in fact i don't think she's watched Idol since he's left. maybe once. i promise, this little rabbit trail was important.

so back to the gem i found inside the Monday folder: this little booklet.

with this inside....a self-portrait, perhaps? not the funny part. but keep reading....

THIS.....this is the gem. if you click the image and enlarge it, it will be easier to read.

i have to admit, i started reading thinking she was all sensitive and sentimental, then i got to the "who needs my family, American Idol, and milk" which tells you just how important she ranks American Idol. hahaahah.

but, then. she wants to see Aaron Kelly...........AND she dreams of him!?!?!?!!???

say what!.......she dreams of him!?!??!!! *still in shock*

oh, Lordy! someone help me! my 8-year old is dreaming about boys. older boys. me thinks i'm in trouble.

this one is going straight to the treasure box.


  1. That is definitely a keeper, Tania! I Love it! Oh, my, so next year it all starts for me, huh? Mine's 7, almost 8, and I am so dreading the day she "dreams" of boys! LOL! :) Too cute!

  2. A treasure indeed!---and just wait---my 10 year old son had his first "date" this past weekend!


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