Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Presenting: Hola Clicksen and the 2nd Grade Art Show

self-portrait: oil pastels on cardstock

my girl is an artist, don'tcha know. it's her dream to be an artist someday.

i tell her she already is an artist. and she smiles. and then says, no, silly, i want to be a 'famous' artist. [emphasis on the famous]

she picked out a pseudo name to create art under almost 2 years ago....Hola Clicksen. she says it will make her sound more 'famous'.

this girl melts me. that's her self-portrait up there and i can't wait----i mean, can't wait----for it to come home so i can frame it. it's poster sized and i'm in love with it.

anywho. she gets all giddy when it's Art Show time at the school because she always has several pieces on display. and this post is really more to indulge the grandparents.

home: oil crayon on transparency

under the sea: crayola model magic

***you'll notice they can't quite decide how to spell her name, LOL***

little red riding hood: 3-dimensional paper art

guitars rock: abstract multi-media

this desk was the first piece of the school year, so when she saw it she said......wow, that was a long time ago. it's peek a boo art. she was told to think of her desk as a fantasy land and if she could jump inside and see/do anything she wanted what would be inside. she chose to be watching her favorite (at the time) cartoon....Arthur.

my desk, inside and out: freehand drawing

it's amazing how much they change in 6 months. she went from watching Arthur every day to watching iCarly and Victorious. hahhaaa.

and this is what you call, double trouble! she couldn't have been more proud than to have her little sidekick walking around with her and showing her where she'll be attending kindergarten next year.

anywho. i'm sure the grandparents are smiling now.


  1. Ashlyn really is VERY talented! I'm just thrilled to have a piece of her artwork ;)

  2. wow! I am impressed! I have to say that her self portrait melts my heart as well... it's very very sweet.

  3. She is very very talented. This post made me smile too.

  4. Not only are the grandparents smiling--- I AM TOO!


    Your art work is WONDERFUL--my favorite is little red riding hood. Keep it up!


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