Friday, May 14, 2010

i'm going out tonight....

it's date night with my love....WITHOUT kids!!!

of all the places we can pick to go eat, we've decided that cheap chinese is what we're craving.....especially knowing that we can go and we don't have to sit and pick out all the baby corn for this little munchkin.

as cute as she is, i'm thrilled to be going out without her. i get ALL the baby corn to myself tonight! yessssssssssss. it's the little things that excite me most.

then we'll go shopping for some home repairs & for pull-ups, milk and bread. fun date, yes!?

any time that i can focus my attention on only my husband and escape the chaos that is our life is considered a good time to me. :) date night rocks.

hmmmmmmmm. wonder what my fortune will be? do you add the words "in bed" to the end of your fortunes?

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  1. LOL!!! This is hilarious, Tania! Sounds EXACTLY like our dates - dinner - usually our cheap regular hang outs, then we hit up Target or the bookstore, to do what? Buy stuff for the kids - hilarious - and the fortune cookies - yep! :)


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