Friday, February 26, 2010


happenchance? coincidence? or... perfectly orchestrated? you decide.


nearly every time i visited my mom, we ordered Chinese from Jade's just down the street from my childhood home. makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Jade's = good Chinese food. well, it used to anyway. in more recent years, mom mumbled about new owners and how the food just wasn't the same anymore. i digress.

because Suzi so fabulously awesome at knowing just what i need, right when i need it, she made reservations to take me out to PF Changs, a local Chinese bistro at Easton Towne Center.

side note: i highly recommend the chicken with black bean sauce. it's definitely not at all what it sounds like.

dinner was awesomely delicious, but the conversation was even better with both Suzi & her friend Diane (who also lost her mom many years ago).

we talked about everything from the night i got called to the the bingo dauber that someone put in her hand during visitation at the funeral home, and everything in between. i've never laughed as much as i did last night in my life. like i said yesterday, i'm in a good place right now. the memories are soft & sweet.

anywho. back to the story.

i'm sure you're all familiar with the custom of getting a fortune cookie after eating Chinese, am i right?

and you certainly know the etiquette for fortune cookies, don't you?

1. always, always, always take the one farthest away from you.
2. always add the words "in bed" to the end of your fortune, LOL. (just for fun.)

well. i'm not so sure that there is really an etiquette--but those rules sound convincing don't they?

regardless, those are the rules in our family. rules established more out of necessity than anything. makes the fighting, between the girls, over who gets which cookie melt away because when they all get dropped in the middle of the table you just have to pick the one farthest from you. this is serious business ya know. we've been known to measure, even. kidding.

if you've eaten chinese food as much as i do, you definitely know that the little slips of paper inside those fortune cookies have printing on both sides. sometimes you're lucky and you get a two fortunes in one.

if you've never opened a fortune cookie, you should know that there is a little slip of paper inside each cookie. with typeface on both sides.

one side: is your fortune---that you must read aloud & six LUCKY numbers. don't forget to add the words "in bed" on the end of your fortune reading. (just for fun.) boy have we had some funnnnnnny ones.

other side: is an english word with the chinese translation.

no joke.....this was my piece of paper inside my fortune cookie last night.


i'm thinkin' i need to rush my hiney to the corner gas station and play those lucky numbers in the lottery tonight!



  1. LOL, my bf has always added "in bed" (just for fun) to the end of our fortunes too. I love yours and I absolutely think you need to play those numbers!

    ps. our most recent fortune totally cracked me up...

    Come back later...I am sleeping. (yes, cookies need their sleep too)

    OMG I was dying laughing! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, I got chills from your fortune. Love that your Mom 'checked in' on you in her own little way... :)

  3. Exactly what Jen said...exactly! So cool!

  4. So Funny . . . we actually had chinese for dinner tonight and I swear my DD got my fortune!!! If things happen the way I'm hoping tomorrow . . . it'll be TRUE, her fortune was mine! LOL :)


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