Tuesday, June 08, 2010

let me brag on my brainiac child.....

because she's kinda a big deal too! :)

the Princess girl finished up second grade on friday and by saturday morning she was already complaining that she couldn't go to school that day. hahaaa. this one would be perfectly content to go to school every.single.day and never have a break.

to say she loooooooooves learning is a gross understatement.

this year at the year-end award ceremony, she was recognized for several things like honor roll , being a kid of character, reading accomplishments and being a spelling bee participant.

i wish the pictures of her actually getting the awards would have turned out because it was so cute. after they accept their award they have to stand together on the stage until everyone is called. while standing there, she spotted doug in the crowd and they had a long-distance match of rock-paper-scissors. so funny.

anywho. the thing that she was most proud of this year? being an Academic Scholar. that means she got ALL A's, all year! she was one of only 10 kids in K-5th grade to receive this honor. we're so very proud of her.

because of her accomplishment, her principal gave her a wooden plaque with her name engraved and some green carnations. she also got an honor roll medal and a spelling bee certificate. so she had her hands full.

and having grammy and papa from the beach (doug's parents) there to see it all unfold was just icing on the cake!

third grade here she comes!


  1. congratulations!! You have one smart cookie on your hand. Can she go to summer school and take classes she hadn't taken? or some collage offer class to smart girls.

  2. Way to go on your awards!!!!!!!

    Keep it up!!!!!

  3. Your girls are beautiful!

    Congratulations to your daughter for her accomplishments! You must be soooo proud!



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