Monday, June 07, 2010

we have a graduate! preschool graduation is just the cutest thing ever!

i must admit i was always a bit skeptical hearing others talk about preschool graduation and always thought "what's the big deal." but........holy cute! i totally get it now.

we never experienced preschool graduation with ashlyn, so last night's graduation 'ceremony' was a whole new experience for us.

so, the other night i asked her what she wanted to wear to graduation and she shrugged her shoulders and said "i dunno, something cute." hahhaa. can you pick out spidergirl?

hysterical, right? the something cute turned out to be her cherry dress that i made last year that still fits (bonus!). then i sent her on her way to find some footwear and she grabbed the boots. i couldn't help but giggle as doug and i briefly wondered if changing the froggy boots was a battle worth picking. we decided not.

she's still very much obsessed with the froggy boots and the thought of her being up on stage with them made me smile even bigger. i couldn't make her take them off and wear more appropriate footwear----they are just *so* her. she's known for her froggy boots around school...and her obsession with spiderman. so, froggy boots it was!

so spidergirl is officially a school-ager! she's thrilled to get to go to big kid school in the fall with her sister and ride the bus. and ornery as ever.....can you tell?

yeah, she's kinda a big deal. :)


  1. She is so adorable. And she has great fashion sense because those boots seem to match her dress perfectly.

  2. The boots were perfection-the child has it going for sure. Got to love her style.

  3. love those boots - great idea to let her choose for herself :D

  4. Oh, my gosh!
    How cute are those boots with that dress?!
    What a wonderful memory!
    I'll have to remember to skip the clothing battles when my one-year-old hits that picking her own clothes out stage! It's way cuter to have her personality shine in the outfits she'll choose!

  5. frog boots on the stage have got to be the best thing EVER


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