Friday, July 16, 2010

and just like that....

seven days went by! whoa!

i think that's the longest blog break i've taken in a while. and it didn't even take my dad harrassing me for a new post to get back at it. ha. *waving hi dad*


today, i'm popping in to share a peek of the August kit from The Story Matters. i LOOOOOVE the colorfulness of it and can't wait to get some new stories down on a few layouts!

other randomness...

  • i've enjoyed a week of doing pretty much nothing.
  • including not blogging.
  • i have to admit, i kinda enjoyed the break. maybe a little too much.
  • i've watched more tv in the last week than i've watched in the last year.
  • Doug got sucked into the Bachelorette this season. that Ali is a cute one.
  • so is Ashlyn--they watch it together. she's ridiculously giddy about the Frank drama that they keep teasing about in commercials.
  • & i've fallen for American's Got Talent. hand whistling? who knew.
  • spent last evening out with one of my bridesmaids at PF Changs. mmmm.
  • PF Changs has free lettuce wraps coupons HERE.
  • you do have to insert your email, but rest assured, they haven't spammed me yet. just emailed me the coup.
  • it expires on my birthday! i think i should go again. hee.
  • CHA deadlines are still in full swing, thus the reason i haven't had much scrapbooking to share lately.
  • but all these secret projects mean an August full of scrappy shares! you're gonna looooove the new stuff.
  • spent Wednesday at the doctor with Ashlyn. in the morning when dropping her off at Vacation Bible School, i grabbed her chin for a kiss goodbye and she pulled away complaining of pain.
  • turns out she had a firm, painful lump, quarter-sized.
  • doctor diagnosed it as a "reactive, submental lymph node, non-matted, firm, not hard, movable". all of those description are good things. not suspicious of scary things.
  • he suspects it was caused from a suppressed immune system from her chemo.
  • today, it's substantially smaller and barely tender. thanking God!
  • spidergirl is struggling through these 90+ degree, high humidity days. very raspy & horse. lethargic. inhalers are on stand-by.
  • the Mister has no residual side-effects or evidence of the massive rash he had from the antibiotic. :)
  • i hoping for a small reprieve from the sweltering heat so i can play with my camera outside this weekend. but it doesn't look promising. :(
  • and i'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the August kit from The Story Matters! this one was designed by the talented Megan Klauer. she has lots of sneak peeks on her blog.

full reveal of the kit is August 5th!

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