Friday, July 09, 2010

hot diggity!

i got the news yesterday that tonight, it's just me and this guy. :)

livin' it up while the girlies are having a sleepover! we have the entire night to do whatever we want.

noooo flippin' way! really? yes, way!!! you have no idea how rare of an occasion this is. so rare, in fact, that the options for what to do are endless.

suggestions have been....
A. get take out chinese and watch a movies at home.
B. go to a karaoke bar.
C. have dinner at a restaurant we don't get to often.
D. grill out steaks at home.
E. catch a flick at the theater.
F. visit Hayden Falls
G. go to Homestead Park

what to do......what to do. hmmmmm.

option A sounds fabulous because i can get chinese without having to pick out all my baby corn and share it with the girls AND we can watch two movies in the time it normally takes to watch one. trying to watch a movie with two needy children in the house is like trying to pull a lions teeth, ya know.

option B sounds adventurous only because 1. i've never been to a karaoke bar 2. i don't sing 3. bars in columbus are smoke-free 4. i'm all for adventure and doug isn't afraid to sing.

option C. that restaurant would be Carraba's.......or Don Pablos. oh yum, delicious. my mouth is watering already thinking about it. but we're on a small budget and we want to take the kids to an amusement park soon. this probably really isn't an option.

which leads us to option D. just the mention of steak makes his mouth water. nothing beats a nice thick juicy steak in his book. me? meh. i had my fill of steak as a kid. another story. another day. but this is the front runner at the moment. maybe mixed with a movie at home.

option E is quite feasible. Date Night is what he'd like us to see.

option F & G...the weather has kinda squelched those options.

i honestly don't care what we do, as long as it doesn't involve fish. i'm easy like that. :)


  1. Enjoy! And I am envious. Anyone want my three boys for the night? LOL!

  2. Getting to hold hands at movies without kids giggling-go for it!

  3. Ahh, Tania, enjoy!!! Looks like the hubster has re-cooperated nicely!! You guys so deserve this break!! Have fun!


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