Monday, August 30, 2010

gosh, i love this man.

two weekends ago, we left the kidlets in the care of their most favorite babysitter ever, and snuck away to the land of Dayton, Ohio for two days. not the extravagant way most would celebrate 15 years, but with him, it's easy to find fun or make our own fun regardless of the destination.

dayton is only a bit over an hour away--just far enough to feel like there were new places to discover, but not too far in case we needed to get back home in a hurry.

on saturday,
we shopped the Fairfield Commons mall.
shared fajitas at our favorite restuarant for lunch.
stopped in pier one to be visually inspired--i LOVE that place.
i fell hard for an apron while there.
didn't buy it because doug does most of the cooking these days.
found our hotel.
fell asleep to the sound of a flash flood storm.
put on my new favorite sweater.
drove in circles trying to find Old River Park....stupid Garmin.
made our way to Festiki to visit an artist friend exhibiting there.
shared a snowcone & funnel cake.
enjoyed the sunset while driving for dinner.
laughed when the Garmin told us to turn on Menstrual Dr when looking for a dinner destination.

on sunday,
we ate breakfast at the hotel.
put on my new favorite sweater again. :)
wrote on the hotel mirror with a dry erase marker and took silly pictures.
drove to the United States National Airforce Museum---still can't believe it's a FREE museum.
walked the museum until my back couldn't stand it anymore.
the headache started at that point, so i rested in the car while he shopped one store.
ate lunch at Don Pablos---again! *this was the best part ever!*
did a small amount of school clothes shopping for the kids.

then arrived home early Sunday evening to the sweetest scene ever........ (to be continued)

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful time. I hope you are starting to feel better. Have you gotten any answers yet?


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