Wednesday, August 04, 2010

KidART from ART Camp by Ashlyn

the girls enjoyed a week long art camp through their summer care program last week. so this is mostly a show-n-tell for the grandparents.

i wish i would have thought to ask them what the art prompt was or what process they were taught to come up with these creations.
ashlyn is most proud of her paper mache bunny. instead of using newspaper or tissue paper they used crepe paper streamers to cover the balloon. i'll have to ask her how she formed the ears.

these look like snowmen, in green grass. too cute.

this last one cracks me up. you can click any of the images to make them bigger. on this one, you'll see that she has written various words that relate to the Twilight movie. i don't know that she's ever watched Twilight, maybe bits and pieces, but she hears her 'aunt' Suzi talk about it all the time. LOL. she adores Suzi. last night, i discovered that ashlyn is very much Team Jacob. she fell in love with Taylor when he played a role in the movie Shark Boy & Lava Girl.

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