Monday, August 23, 2010

life's been a blur lately....


i had a moderately annoying headache on Monday, all day, that felt like a tight band around my head starting at the base of my head and wrapping around. i honestly didn't really think much of it. i get headaches on occassion, doesn't everyone?

headaches are nothing compared to my daily back pain.

but 24 hours later, the headache was just a dull ache and my vision was very blurred. i chalked it up to being tired and drained from the headache and went to bed.

woke up wednesday with a dull headache and eye strain/pulling sensation in my right eye and blurred double vision. say what!?

after debating back and forth with myself until lunchtime on whether to call my primary doctor or my eye doctor, i decided to call my eye doctor. they asked me to come in immediately.

within minutes they could tell that something wasn't right, but had to put me through a battery of visual tests anyway. through those tests they confirmed that my eyes weren't tracking together after asking me to follow a pen light and they could also see my eye turning inward (going cross-eyed) when looking at a target in the distance.

normally you go cross-eyed when looking at something right in front of your nose, not at a distance.

i walked out of there with orders to drive as little as possible and a referral to see a neuro-ophthalmologist on friday.

friday, i spent 4 hours at the neuro-ophthalmologist--4 hours people!--only to walk out of there with even more blurry vision, since they dilated my eyes, and orders to "call me in a week to tell me how you're doing."

i have idiopathic diplopia horizontally displaced & esotropia as identified by the first eye doctor. she sent me to the second specialist to help me get a clue into what's going on.

4 hours of testing later.......the doctor has no idea why it's happening and has no idea on how long it will last.

it's making me feel dizzy, nauseated, fatigued, and super frustrated.

anybody else ever have sudden onset of diplopia & esotropia?


  1. Say WHAT? You are becoming a walking medical dictionary, girl... not that you can read this right now anyway.... Okay, I am trying to make you laugh ... not be flippant.
    I am so sorry for your trials ... I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I knew something I could do for ya.

  2. Life is so unfair!! and you have had your share of unfairness!! I am sorry I can't tell you anything more about diplopia or esotropia in an adult. I pray that they find the cause and you are feeling better ASAP if not sooner. I hope your daily back pain is less painful than usual and your daily life activity is in a slow mode. Pray you are feeling better!!

    8/24/2010 10:58:12 AM

  3. never even heard of these things - hope they go away soon!


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