Wednesday, September 01, 2010

is it too early to talk Halloween costumes?

after working on yesterday's Boo-ville layout, and editing photos from a Boo-Ville album (shown below) i sent to CHA, i've got Halloween on the brain, LOL.

the thought crossed my mind today that Halloween is creeping up and will be here before long.

my kids loooooooove to dress up. love it. they dress up nearly every day of the year and have an entire closet devoted to dress-up clothes in their playroom. lots and lots of dress up.

i'm one of those crazy mama's that is out after the holiday scooping up gobs of costumes at 90% off to stow away for Christmas and birthday presents. it makes my thrifting gene jump for joy when they ring up for $2 or less.

anywho...........i gathered several photos i had of them through the years and decided to put them together in the adorable Little Yellow Bicycle Boo-ville Envelope Album Kit. talk about making a mini-album in a snap! so easy.

this album kit is unique in that, it is made up of policy-size envelopes, bound together with bookbinding rings, and finished off with chipboard covers that you can customize with additional Boo-Ville products. and the coolest part? the envelopes are double sided, so when you glue them together, you can pick which pattern shows on the outside!

decorating them is a breeze. wallet-sized photos are PERFECT for this project! here's a few shots of the outsides of the envelopes.

but, wait! it gets even better. the kit comes with insert pages for the policy envelopes that are patterned on one side and printed with journaling prompts on the other! you can leave the patterned side blank or embellish them up with additional photos like i've done. here's a shot of them all together, and a few close ups. (you can click the images to enlarge them)

and here's the other side where you can add journaling based on the prompts! so cool, right!? i even snuck in a few extra photos.

anywho. do you have a favorite costume you've worn for a fall festival or halloween party?

i have a few, but this one was the most fun....

my husband and i dressed up as spaghetti & meatballs for a church fall festival. this had to have been fall 2003 based on ashlyn's age.

easiest, least expensive adult costume we've come up with. total spent on both costumes, $4. we just hot-glued strands of straw colored yarn to the inside of a colander purchased from the dollar store and then safety pinned large brown craft pom-poms to red shirts.

doug also wore it to work for a costume contest and ended up winning a DVD player for best costume. good times, good times.

have a happy Wednesday friends! i'm off to the Neurologist shortly....hoping for some answers on this headache/vision issue.

tell me your best/worst costume story.....


  1. The spaghetti and meatballs idea is so clever! Love it! Hope you get some answers today.

  2. I usually make my son's costumes instead of store bought ones. I think my favorite one was when He wanted to be the Incredible hulk and we dyed his hair BLACK! (He has blonde hair)----he looked toally different. A friend of mine gave my a pair of her daughter's Purple pants that we cut up and I dyed some thermals Green and colored his face Green. He had some big Hulk Hands already. It was a great costume!

  3. I love love love Halloween - should be a national holiday.
    But back when I did dress up, I wasn't into picture taking .. lol.
    BUT most memorable, my junior year of college I dressed like Mortia - my sister took my measurements and had a friend of hers sew it up for me. Fit me like a glove. Sigh... the days of being skinny .... miss them. I won a contest and EVERYONE commented on it (in Chapel Hill where I went, Franklin Street was the main street and it shut down to accommodate all us college students.) The next year I dressed like Jasmine from Aladdin. I miss those years!

  4. My son loved this fleece frog costume from Old Navy. It was 18 months and a friend of mine had it in 3T so when he outgrew his, we traded (she had a younger daughter). My son was a frog for 3 years running. It was the best costume. Super warm for cold NH Halloweens and super cute. I think he even wore it to the grocery store a couple times.


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