Friday, October 29, 2010

Bazzill + SRM........and they have an App for that!

you've heard of Bazzill cardstock, yes? the people over there have been super kind and very generous to the SRM team, so today we're showing them a little love & appreciation.

the entire team has put together projects featuring products that Bazzill sent us, so you'll want to check out the SRM blog today for some more eye candy.

95% of the cards i make are using Bazzill cards from this boxed set. they come in standard A2 size and 5x7 size also. i loooooooove them! they are perfectly textured, just like Bazzill cardstock AND they come with a coordinating textured envelope----nothing's better than that!

today's cards are both 5x7.

along with boxes of cards, they sent me a handful of their Just the Edge Border strips. i added in several from my own stash and came up with my new favorite card! isn't it delightful!? just looking at it makes me giddy.

of course, i just had to make the inside all fussy. heee.

in case you've never seen these border strips, here's the deets: they come in a pack, usually all one color---a select few packs have two colors, and you get 2 of each style. there are 10 styles. they are 12" long and textured just like the cardstock. they do carry a small variety of dotted swiss just the edge strips too. they retail for $2.99 a pack most places.

i'm highly addicted to border strips. i seriously have them in about every color their is and use them constantly.

here's another card featuring lots of Bazzill. the card base, the dark pink is from their Dotted Swiss cardstock, the yellow cardstock and border strip. yessirree!

the "hi" letters were handcut from canvas weight fabric leftover from a beanbag making session.

and did you know that Bazzill has an App? yes. seriously! right here.

that's all i've got for today folks! i'll be back this weekend with some snapshots of our trick or treating adventures. it was funnnnnnnnn, but super, SUPER, cold. brrrrrr.

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