Sunday, October 31, 2010

boogity boo!

happy halloween my friends!

i couldn't resist scrapping this photograph right away---the quickest i've probably scrapped a photo after being taken, i think.

we took GOBS of photos over the last few days. i suppose that sorta makes up for the fact that i haven't taken any other photos in the last two months, other than scrapbooking photos, LOL.

it must be said that the Boo-Ville collection from Little Yellow Bicycle is hands down *the best* collection of products for scrapbooking your October photos i've ever seen.....EVER. and i'm not just saying that because i'm one of the Biker Chicks. it seriously, is.

just like every collection of their's, there is lots of built in texture and dimension and glitter and gloss. all of my favorite things. already done for me! it makes your scrapbooking layouts look oh-so-complicated and intricate, yet, it all falls together so easily.

add in a few more of my favorite things....sticky rhinestones, mini brads, mini-scallop borders and some hand-stitching and i've got myself a treasure!

i *adore* this layout.

it's rather unbelievable that this girl was in full meltdown mode just hours prior to this photo being taken. she's unpredictible, that one.

journaling on that journaling card reads:
For the third year in a row, you insisted on being some sort of witch. It's hard to tell from the smile on your face but we almost didn't make it to trick or treat night. Hours before you were having an uncontrollable sensory meltdown. You've been doing so well, but lately (since the increase in your chemo dose) you've been unable to adapt to situations beyond your control. The situation this time being you having to modify your costume plans with a shirt underneath due to very cold Beggar's Night weather. 46 degrees. Brrr. I hate seeing you struggle so much with the anxiety and undue stress that your sensory integration disorder plagues you with. It is stressful for all of us as a family to watch and be a part of. The sweet spot in dealing with all of it though is being able to know what we went through to deal with the meltdown and come out on the other end of it with a smile on your face. So instead of remembering all the sadness before trick or treat I can look at this pictures and remember how happy you were to be there once we worked through it all. Your smile makes it all melt away. So, keep smilin' sweet girl. I love you even when it's difficult. xoxo, mama.

i'll indulge the grandparents with way too many photos in a blog post tomorrow.

for now, though i've got to get back to scrappin' the day away! lots of super FUN stuff on the horizon! i can't wait to share.


  1. love the layout & journaling. i read your blog daily & am so inspired by it. thanks for sharing.

  2. thank you! knowing that i'm inspiring at least one other person out there is what keeps me bloggin' on the days i question whether or not i should keep my thoughts to myself. i appreciate you stopping by in your daily coming and going. :)

  3. Love your layout!It's full of so many details & the photo is great.


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