Wednesday, November 10, 2010

come study embellishing with me!

details. details. it's all in the details. am i right!?

i looooove adding litte details. they are what brings a project together. the last little finishing touches before calling a project complete.

i was recently invited to spend the month sharing my knowledge & techniques on the details of how i go about embellishing my layouts along with 4 other fabulous designers at Masterful Scrapbook Design in a series called Details.

who's joining me for Details in November? oh......names you've probably heard before...
Jenni Bowlin
Doris Sander
Debbie Hodge
Kayleigh Wiles

brilliant line-up, don'tcha think!? i'm inspired already. wait. i'm supposed to be the one doing the inspiring. hrmph. funny how that works isn't it?

during the month of November, we'll cover Details, such as:
  1. learning how to embellish
  2. how to guide the eye
  3. how fibers can add to your project
  4. deepening meaning with embellishments
  5. stickers and their versatility
  6. small and versatile embellishments
  7. incorporating ephemera
  8. placement of embellishments
  9. how to add clusters
  10. how a series makes an impact
  11. creating unity
  12. bringing repetition to the page
  13. setting tone with your embellishing

but, that's not all. there is a 50+ page PDF file illustrating these various topics with layout samples from the designers listed above, along with articles &/ortutorials from each designer and a 1-hour live interview with each person individually. you don't want to miss it!

what exactly is Masterful Scrapbook Design?
quite simply, it's a monthly idea-vault of sorts, with a small subscription fee brought to you by creative genius, Debbie Hodge.

For $10/month you’ll get.....

  • in-depth written and audio seminars
  • live webinars (+ recordings and transcripts)
  • inspiration galleries with over 100 layouts all accompanied by designer notes
  • designer tutorials from an ever-changing line-up of masterful scrapbook designers.

We’re not making specific pages or projects. We’re showing you how to master the many aspects of scrapbook page design and put those skills to work on your own original creations.

You can click over to the subscribe page HERE, to read the subscription details, and even see peeks into what the month of September included.

**New subscribers also receive a free bonus: a link to download the complete e-class: “Learn Design Principles that Grow Scrapbooking Ideas.”**

hope to see some of you over there! :)

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