Tuesday, November 09, 2010

hey ya'll.... i'm on youtube & it's a good thing.

i've been a busy girl the past 5 days putting together and extra special project to share with all of my Little Yellow Bicycle fans!

i've put together a fun and funky recipe album that is constructed using the Envelope Album Kit and some additional papers and embellishments from the Little Yellow Bicycle Savor Collection. there are some majorly fun interactive elements to this album and i used the kit in a non-traditional way. bonus for you??? i recorded the whole thing on youtube!

for me, this album will hold our favorite family recipes and will be tucked away in my girls' treasure box for when they move out on their own. BUT, it can be easily adapted as gift for a bride-to-be or a house warming gift.

this video is a complete audio-enhanced walk through of the album with an introduction to the products i used from the collection, along with a tutorial at the end for creating one of the special features in the album.

i will warn you...click play, then pause it for a few minutes to let the video load completely. you'll have to make yourself cozy because it runs 15 full minutes. :)

if you're more of a step-by-step learner, you can download completely illustrated step-by-step instructions with a complete supply list: Download Recipe Envelope Album Now

here's some (not all) detailed images of the inside pages as the complete album is 30 pages full! every single page and detail is shown in the download linked just above.

one of the special features....a flip-up page.

one of the 5 envelope covers fully embellished.

another special feature....a pocket page constructed using a shaped 6x6 die-cut paper.

my faaaaaaaaaavorite recipe! mmmmmmmm. cinnamon rolls that rival Cinabon's.

another special feature....hinged recipe pages. there are 4 of these in the album.

a mini page tucked between the full pages.....again, there are several of these.

ps..........if you're interested, all of our recipes are found by clicking HERE.


  1. what a totally cool album :D

  2. Loooooooooooooove cinnamon rolls!!
    Great mini :)

  3. Hi Tania, do you sell these? They would make a wonderful Christmas gift for my mother-in-law. Thank you.

    Isabela Felix
    isabelacicero at gmail dot com

  4. Amazing album & your downloadable instructions are beyond compare. I've been spreading the word to my friends to check your video out.
    Now to get my hands on some savor...

  5. so … I can see everyone else looked at this back in 2010 … I just found it yesterday morning and I have managed to scrape almost everything together to make this A M A Z I N G album :)

    I got a big bit of the stuff from the US but also by luck managed to find someone here in the UK who still has quite a bit of the Savour line.

    I think you've done a fan-flipping-tastic job and my hands are itching to get started - I am doing it for my niece who is getting married in September - and I have asked all the aunts, uncles and cousins to hand over their favourite recipe … I just cannot wait to give this pressie.

    Thank you SO much for the detailed instructions - I have just made another cup of coffee and will sit back while the kids have gone swimming and I will watch your video again …

    You are very talented :)

  6. BMDesign: thank you for your sweet comments. I'm so happy you have found so much of the Savor Collection this far past production! your message totally made me smile. believe it or not, this was my first ever video tutorial. what a fabulous pressie for you to give! i'm sure it will be treasured. happy crafting! ENJOY!


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