Tuesday, November 02, 2010

our halloween 2010

well, here they are..........a ridiculous abundance of photos of my little goblins from trick or treat night. sorry, have to indulge the grandparents. so, they'll fall in love with me all over again.

as you can see, i got a little crazy and donned some clown hair. i refrained from painting the face because wouldn't ya know, people think clowns are creepy. really?

i had no idea of the clown phobia that plagues many, until i made a clown project a few years back for a scrapbooking contest i was in called Making Memories Idol. didn't go over so well. heh.

this is a serious phobia. coulrophobia, to be medically precise. did you know?

anywho. the girls have an abundance of costumes since i load up on them after they go on clearance for 90% off. so this year, i told them to shop in the costume box.

for the third year in a row, ashlyn insisted on being a witch. this is after she was set on being an snow princess and begged me to do an up-do like i did for the wedding she was in. happened just like last year. up until the time to get dressed last year she was going as Arthur, the cartoon character from PBS. then she changed to a witch. same thing this year. changed her mind 30 minutes before it was time to go. she said "what!? it's my thing now. i'm gonna be a witch every year wouldn't that be soooooooo awesome!?" gosh, i love this kid. i'll have to dig up the witch photos from years past and put them together on a layout.

my little spidergirl was more set on staying warm than being spidergirl this night. brrrrrrr. it was cold. as you can see we were trick or treating with gloves.....and scarves....and hats.

she's got the growl down to an exact science. it's so adorable, you can't help but laugh.

and the photo you saw on yesterday's layout. i'm so glad these smiles come at the end of an epic meltdown. (i see so much of my mom in my face in this photo)

gosh, she's cute. how'd we get so lucky?

she's thinking "really, mom? enough with the papparazzi behaviour....just let me get.my.candy." LOL. what? i have a weak spot for red leaves........and that giggling face, too. since we don't see all that often.

can you tell she's giggling uncontrollably? this house was all decked out. i wish i would have taken take a wide shot of the whole thing......i mean decked out, spooky music and all. i'm glad we hit the house early when the sun was still up otherwise i'm not sure they would have thought it was so funny.

watch out ladies......mama's got herself a new boyfriend! LOL. all in fun. all in fun. ashlyn thought it was hysterical. he was fake.

i snapped this one after she ran down a driveway freaking out over getting a handful of chocolate.

cutest dragon you ever did see, yes?

oh how this picture reminds me of the exact way i remember trick or treat night when i was a kid. walking back with a pillowcase full of goodies slung over my shoulder.

not even 1/8 of what they got. mama's already put away the rest to freeze (chocolate) and use the rest for our gingerbread house decorating tradition in a month.

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