Friday, December 31, 2010

december daily: day 11 spidergirl meets build a bear

dec 11 i took spidergirl to build a bear at Easton Town Center, upon her request, to spend some birthday money.

after spending what seemed like hours waiting on her to pick out which 'bear' to build, she finally settled on the kitty----that should be no surprise. LOL. i was honestly shocked that it was such a debate for her. she adores kitties and puppies.

after picking her kitty, we headed to get her stuffed full of fluff and warm up the stuffed heart to insert inside. last time i was there the gal said a few things like tap the heart to give it a beat, close your eyes and make a wish, but this girl was just the cutest thing ever.

she had emma....
rub it in her hands to warm it up
tap on it to give it a heart beat
rub it on her cheeks to ??? i can't remember.
rub it on her ear so she'll be a good listener
rub it on her tummy so she'll have a good appetite
rub it on her nose she she'll be able to smell
and more.

and with each new instruction, spidergirl giggled and giggled and giggled.

next came the part she was most excited about. picking some clothes. she wanted a Christmas kitty.....until she realized all the other choices she had.

oh, but wait. we had to give kitty a bath and good brushing first.

she found about 5 outfits, all of which she wanted to try on her kitty at the dressing station before committing to the one she wanted to buy. oh, the cuteness! if only they would have had spiderman gear the decision would have been a no-brainer.

she settled on this adorable hooded, striped knit sweater with stripes (just like hers!).

but wait! kitty needs another bath.

then, it was time to name her kitty. she named her Meow-Meow. LOL.

she ended up with a kitty, a sweater, a skateboard for kitty (LOL), and a promotional bear and gift card to give ashlyn for Christmas.

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