Wednesday, December 29, 2010

december daily: day 10 christmas pageant

december 10th, doug and i went out, without kids, to watch a Christmas pageant held at Fellowship Baptist Church.

we have lots of history at this church.

some fun facts specific to this outing:

1. this is the church doug grew up in.
2. our first "date" was going to see this pageant 18 years ago.
3. we got married in this church 15 years ago.
4. we've both played a part in this pageant over the years (singing & acting).
5. this is only the second time we've been on the opposite side of the stage--watching it.

my crappy/blurry pictures don't do it justice at all. but it was awesome anyway. :)

my favorite scene:

doug's favorite scene:
the scene that made me cry:

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