Friday, December 31, 2010

december daily: day 13 our day in mobile pictures.

the kids had a two-hour school delay, but we kept them out for the entire day because doug ended up going to be down with his dad in Myrtle Beach to help him recover from an unexpected open heart surgery.

the kids were back and forth between happy for not having to go to school and sad because daddy was leaving for a week.

we had a busy morning of running errands, then lunch at Cici's before dropping him off at the airport.

the girls remained glued to my cell phone the remainder of the evening because each step of the way he took photos and sent them along.

taking flight....

layover in charlotte...

arrival to Myrtle...

his sister picking him up....

then i got all sorts of texts about how irritated he was that Bojangles wasn't serving food that late, LOL.

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