Friday, December 31, 2010

december daily: day 14 my snow angels

time to play in all that snow we got sunday and monday!

spidergirl is my snowbunny and hates to be bothered with photos when it's time to play in the snow. thus the reason she looks like it's painful to be smiling for a photo, LOL.

ashlyn on the other hand was ready to be back inside about 2 seconds after coming outside. she's not a fan of the cold. at all.

but i was able to talk her into a cute photo of the two of them. SCORE.

then spidergirl was happy as a lark to be back shoveling the neighbor's driveway.....hello!? spidergirl! come shovel your own, why don'tcha?

shoveling the neighbor's driveway (who's house is being remodeling and is unoccupied) is so much more fun. DUH.

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