Wednesday, December 15, 2010

december daily: day 4 dear ashlyn

dear Ashlyn:
today, you were delightful to be around. you're one of the coolest kids i know, but i'll be honest, we constantly have to walk on eggshells around you to try to avoid your sensory meltdowns.

when we have a few hours of 'normalcy' i find myself smiling and thanking God for answered prayer---even if it only lasts for a little while.

after a busy day of running errands with me, you decided to decompress from all the sensory input by spending some time alone playing a game, against yourself, in your newly reclaimed bedroom. i'm so proud of you for learning to spend some time alone in your room, and for understanding that being in another room apart from everyone else doesn't mean something bad is going to happen to you. our home is a safe place for's amazing to see you realize that.

what's even more amazing is how awesome you were at sharing your brand new makeup that you bought with money Grammy at the Beach sent you (& a little more from mom to make up the difference). you are usually very fearful and full of anxiety over things getting messed up by your little sister or things 'wasting out'. but not today.

instead, you sat there, patiently letting her give you a 'makeover' and reminded her politely to be gentle with your new things instead of getting irritated with her. it's like the last several years of us reminding and teaching you paid off in this one single interaction.

and even though emma has no idea on how to apply makeup, you let her do whatever she wanted and just went with it. you made me proud sweetheart.

but what cracked me up more than anything you've ever said or done was when you said....

"no emma, you're doing it all wrong!" "it's kissy lips, like you're kissing your boyfriend on your wedding day." LOL.

"not fishy lips......listen, it's kissy lips. okay?"

i about died in a fit of giggles.

you amaze me ashlyn. every day.

love, mommy

(it's simple moments like this that make dealing with a child with sensory defensiveness, so very worth all the struggles.)


  1. oh, how cute!! kissy lips..boyfriend...the ideas they come up with and she is growing up so fast! Enjoy your special moments.

  2. I think you and I are leading parallel lives. The issues are soooo similar!! My daughter, Lily, will not be in any other room without my husband or I being with her. The anxiety attacks have gotten so much worse lately. Are you in any parent support groups? I haven't been able to find any in my area.

  3. thank you martha!
    shel....we must! i am not in any parent support groups, but, a quick google search landed me with this parenting resource:

    i don't think i'm local to you, but you can email me anytime for support too! :)

    i do have online support from another scrapbooking mother of a child with autism. while not the same some of our challenges are similar.

  4. How utterly and completely adorable! My gosh, but your children are beautiful. Makes me wish for a girl ... and it is amazing ... they can be complete terrors; making you want to get locked in a loony bin for some peace and quiet (or is that just me?) and then something so amazing, so special you just want to squeeze them to you forever! Kids! LOL.

  5. Too stinkin' cute! It's always a blessing when the kids are getting along & you get to catch glimpses of their personalities through their conversations. Love the "kissy lips!" Thanks for sharing.


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