Thursday, December 16, 2010

december daily: day 5 - spidergirl turns 6!

i always feel like our Christmas holiday doesn't officiallybegin until after December 5th....which happens to be Spidergirl's birthday.

the night before after spidergirl had fallen asleep, ashlyn helped me decorate the kitchen and wrap the presents that we had carefully and thoughtfully chosen for the birthday girl.

just the usual decorating with my favorite felt birthday banner, a few streamers and a bundle of balloons.

she was super excited to see all the decorating when she woke up and didn't even ask to open her presents. we don't have any rules on whether the kids can open right away or have to wait for their party festivities....but she's such an easy going child and wanted to wait until grams & papa and little grandma arrived.

she adores balloons so i made sure to reserve a handful for them to play with throughout the day. they blow them up, then let go and watch them sail back and forth through the room as they lose air, all the while, busting a gut laughing every time. how is it that nothing is funnier to a child than watching a balloon lose air!? LOL.

of course, every birthday girl needs a party dress and she had in mind the perfect one. how fitting, right? it was a gift from daddy back in october to add to her dress up closet.

and you can see the girls were back into the makeup again this day. emma wanted to be a spidergirl kitty cat.....if you couldn't tell, LOL.

when asked what dessert she wanted for her birthday, without hesitation she requested "daddy's handmade marble cupcakes with chocolate icing, no sprinkles on mine, but you can put them on everyone else's and some whiteish icing too. can you do that!?"

this year was very low-key with only had 4 extra guests and for dinner she wanted spaghetti. i decided to try to make homemade alfredo sauce since spidergirl isn't a fan of red sauce. she still wasn't a fan of alfredo.

minutes before sitting down, a quick glance in the cabinet for croutons and i saw taco shells. the girls, every time we have spaghetti, ask if we can make spaghetti tacos. (all of you with iCarly fans in the house will totally understand.) but we never have shells. so when i saw them i thought today would be the perfect day to surprise them with making spaghetti tacos. surprisingly they hadn't asked yet. i opened them up and made all their dreams come true. being a mom is so cool.

they said "what's the big deal, i don't get it....they're gross." so now they know.

she's thrilled to be using two hands to display her age now.

she was spoiled rotten with presents (of which i took pictures of each and every one). jammies, puzzles, punch balloons, a grow in water toy, a book, crayon maker, a domino game, money, hot wheels, Cracker Barrell checkers rug, and SharkBite Bay. spoiled.

the excitement she displays when opening gifts is awesome. she was annoyed i asked her to look my way for a picture on this one.

from left to right: grandma rose (aka: little grandma), ashlyn, my dad Craig, spidergirl, my step-mom Connie, and my friend/doug's cousin Suzi (aka: Aunt Suzi---even though she's not their aunt, LOL).

she loooooooooves when people sing happy birthday to her.

and i have not a clue what she wished for but i completely ADORE this photo.

at age SIX spidergirl:
still loves popcicles
loves to sing us the songs she learns at school
still gets weekly allergy shots
and takes several medications twice a day because of said allergies
has worn through her froggy boots and had to retire them
still sucks her thumb when she's tired
thinks of other's before herself
is tenderhearted and imaginative
loves playing games
still begs for a dog
and loves a little boy named Johnny who could be her cousin Justin's twin brother.

here's a little listen of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" by emma that doug recorded on his phone.

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