Thursday, December 16, 2010

december daily: day 6 surprise tickets!

ever since i was given two tickets to a Columbus Bluejackets hockey game, and sent doug and ashlyn to see them, ashlyn has been begging to go back.

"that's all i want for Christmas daddy, you don't have to get me anything else....pleeeeeeeease."

i thought i might be able to get my hands on two more for an upcoming game but hadn't been able to get in touch with anyone about it.

but when i walked into work, i was offered not only two, but FOUR seats to see the game that night! for free! stranger things have happened.

i was giddy with excitement over being able to make ashlyn's wish come true and not having to pay the high ticket prices to do so.

what made it even better was that she had no idea what was about to happen. :)

after school we told them we had a surprise for them and they needed to dress warm and bundle up. the windchill that night was in the negative digits and we had to walk from the parking area.

it didn't take long once we parked for ashlyn to figure out what was happening since she'd been there before and there were people everywhere with Bluejackets apparell on. she was over the moon excited and started talking a mile a minute telling emma what she would see and all the cool stuff that happens during a hockey game. so cute.

it was just as thrilling for me. i've never been to a hockey game.

let me tell you, this girl knows the game of hockey. she had to explain things to me quite a few times, LOL.

i couldn't get over the loudness of the arena. whoa! there are some serious (vocal) fans in town.

and i was entirely fascinated with the way they move on the ice. it's mind boggling how the skating part of the game seems to just be second nature to these players. i'm so not coordinated enough to even consider playing hockey...EVER, lol.

after every goal they crank the music and fire a canon, but doug didn't warn me. scared the living daylights out of me.

even spidergirl had fun. i was worried. she gets bored really easily and doesn't like to stay in one seat for too long.

the highlight of the night for her was getting to interact with Stinger (the mascot) up close and personal. as you can see, Stinger snatched ashlyn's hat and put in on his nose and then hugged emma and gave her a 'kiss' on the head. so adorable! she was on my lap so this was the best shot i could get.

and in true emma fashion she was sucking her thumb and snuggled in to fall asleep just afer 8pm. nothing new there.

it's was the game to be at for sure! it ended with a shootout and the Bluejackets having another victory.

we left the game early, grabbed a $1 bag of cotton candy (and ended up with a bonus bag, free!), shivered our way to the car and made it home to watch the shoot out on television.

i think ashlyn floated around on cloud nine for days afterward.

Christmas blessings like these are what makes the holiday magical.


  1. Life doesn't get any better than that!

  2. Goodness Tania. That last photo of you and your daughter is the perspective of that shot. Glad you had such a fun night!


  3. I've never been to a hockey game---but always wanted to0

    Looks like you all had a great time!

  4. I am so glad that you all were able to go!! and even more glad that with Ashlyn wasn't having a difficult time she is growing up!! It wasn't so long ago that she was OK with her makeup.
    We got free tickets to go see the Nutcracker, it was beautiful!! While I was at the bathroom hubby took my sit next to our friend...the show was getting ready to I didn't make him change worked out best for me the guy in front of him was blocking his view. Getting special tickets weather its to a hockey game or to the ballet is always so much sweeter when if free. Now, I have to make a special thank you card...any ideas?


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