Thursday, December 02, 2010

okay, so you've gotta read this......

first of all, yesterday was just magical. the first snowfall usually changes everything for me.

i found myself sportin' a real smile.....and not just faking it. i've gotten pretty good at putting on a game face and smiling through the pain lately. i should go knock on wood, quick, eh?

i've been in somewhat of a funk lately.....happens every year around the holidays.

the lack of sunshine really affects me. that, coupled with missing my mom, and just having the feeling that i'm misunderstood in so many ways. God knows my heart though. i have great intentions, but i just can't be all things to all people right now ever. something about the holidays makes me feel like i should. does every body feel this way? i wonder.

i spent the last few days lamenting to a friend saying "i 'hate' Christmas."

hate is such a strong word....maybe it's not the word i'm looking for. anywho. it's not the reason behind Christmas that i dislike, obviously.

it's all the commercialism involved with it.

the being bombarded to spend.spend.spend. and reminded constantly about all the things the kids want (but we can't afford). the knowing that there are so many reasons why they'll be disappointed. knowing that i can't please everyone.

i'm trying to teach them that we have each other and a God who loves us more fiercely than we can ever comprehend....that's all we need. this post on I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar really hit home with me yesterday.

another reason is that our society barely gives thankfulness a full day before it's 'all things Christmas' full swing ahead.

i may also be in this funk because the pain has been incredibly intense lately due to a heavy workload with CHA coming up. for me, scrapbooking is my saving grace and keeps me sane, but sometimes also puts me in more intense pain. so i'm taking lots of breaks from the studio.

it goes a little something like this: take some painkillers, make a layout, get up and move, play a game with the kids, sit on the heating pad, make a layout, take more painkillers, do some laundry, make a get the idea. i have about 30 more projects to go! (did i mention they are all due by dec 10th!?) *insert just a wee bit of freaking out*

i can't wait to start sharing them! the products are GORGEOUS.

okay, so i kinda got off on a little tangent. the real reason you've gotta read this post is below. :)

first a little backstory: (lots of tangents today, LOL)

our current cell phones are 3 years old and it was way past the time for us to consider an upgrade or change in service plan.

if you know me at all, you know that i loathe cell phones with every ounce of my being. but my husband on the other hand thinks that i shouldn't be without one.

so i reluctantly carried it around---when i'd remember to take it, which annoyed him to no end---and mainly used it for communication with doctors and nurses and to call home when i forgot what was on the grocery list.

i seriously think my minutes in one year might have totaled my husband's minutes for one month, LOL. i didn't even have texting--but i didn't really want it either.

but that all changed two days ago!

my husband surprised me with a Droid and i've fallen head over heels in LOVE with it!

because he works for a large company, he was able to negotiate a sweeeeet deal with two FREE phones (valued at $400 each). so now i have texting and internet and video and.......i'm in love. oh wait, i think i said that already. LOL.

i feel like one of the cool kids now, LOL. i see myself taking lots and lots of pictures with it too. heeee.

okay. so now that you know all that, here's the point of the entire blog today:

the only problem is, now my oldest is super jealous and wants one SO badly. so she devised a plan and yesterday when i walked in the door from work she grabbed me, walked me into the kitchen and handed me this paper.

here, this is better. i scanned it in so you can read it. just click on the image below to open it larger in a new window. is she seriously kidding me!?!

before i could read it, she snatched it out of my hands and started doing chores like nobody's business, LOL. doug and i just looked at each other and he said "just milk it for what it's worth."

there were lots of meltdowns last night. crying because she wants one RIGHT NOW and can't stand it that she has to wait and we keep telling her she isn't old enough. and because i'm SO mean that i can't just say she woke up right when i asked her to this morning. (she never does).

through a meltdown of tears with disgust in her voice, she said "it's just hates me! i'm NEVER gonna get a cell phone because mommy will never say i get up on time. she's so mean!"

*sigh* parenting her is so hard sometimes. she how no idea how much i love her.

anywho. she keeps telling us everyone in third grade has one. hahahaha.

everyone = her best friend.

after she went to bed and i was downloading these pictures i had a chance to read it and i seriously could not stop laughing.

what makes it even more funny is that she typed this up on the TYPEWRITER because our printer is out of ink.

she's one determined little girl. (and apparently i'm gonna be one thirsty momma!)

this is day one of my December Daily 2010.

coming up next: details on how i'm doing myDecember daily.


  1. That letter is so funny! Love the "tooken" and "get daddy the drink". Sounds just like my daughter, she is constantly trying to get something she knows she cant have and bribing us with her good behavior. I keep telling her she is "supposed" to be good, it isnt something to be rewarded for. good luck with that, we have meltdowns at our house every day too--so hard to parent is right! Especially when the kid has WAY more energy than the parent. cant wait to see all your cha projects--you are truly a gifted artist.

  2. First off ... I just got an EVO (like droid) that I named EVA so that I now have a daughter! (Having three sons everyone asks when I am trying for a girl ... well now I have one!) I sooo love my phone. Like a daughter, lol. Sigh.
    And Ashlyn is just soooo determined isn't she? I only have to worry over my 7 year old wanting a snake for Christmas (not gonna happen in MY house).
    Good luck.. I would tell you what my 2 1/2 year old did last night. Twice. On the carpeted floor of his bedroom, but I won't. talk about STUBBORN and DIABOLICAL.
    And yes, I never feel like I am doing my best at Christmas and no one will be happy with what I get them.

  3. I have to laugh at the story of the cell phone. How funny. If it makes your daughter feel any better let her know that my rule is you have to be 16 and have a driver's license before you get a cell phone. My 11 year old daughter is always complaining that she is the only one who doesn't have a phone. I know that it isn't true, but she isn't getting one until she is older and I can trust her.

  4. I had the argument with my son for 3 years over the cell phone. He finally got one when he started middle school. BUT he had to choose one that was being offered for FREE.

  5. I'd love to sit down with you over coffee someday (I don't drink coffee - allergic to caffeine, but it sounds good), to just talk about our daughters because mine sounds soooooooo much like yours. We battled with doctors for over 5 years trying to get help for our daughter who was obviously uncomfortable in her own skin. Something was drastically wrong and we (my husband and I) were begging for help from anyone who would listen. Unfortunately the things that were happening at home were not happening anywhere else so many people didn't believe us. Finally, after countless specialists, tests, therapists, etc etc...we found out that not only does she have Sensory Processing Disorder, but she is BiPolar too! Wasn't sure if I should be happy, relieved, sad, depressed or validated?!?! The good thing is we now know "what" it is, so we are able to move forward on how to treat it. Thanks for sharing your personal story with me and thanks for listening.

  6. I've just 'found' your blog, from the JBS blog post. I'm in central Ohio, too .. you look so familiar! Do you shop at PizazzIt? Weird ..

    Anyway (now that I sound like a stalker! *lol*) .. I've only just read this latest post & I'm just cracking up. My daughter's 20 ... which I'm sharing to give you hope 'cause I had my share of your sort of experiences. The peer pressure ... oh, how sad & frustrating it is! I have to admire her tenacity - using a typewriter?!?! WOW! [Oh, my DD got her first cell phone when she was in middle school, only because 9/11 happened then. As long as I was footing the bill, she had a bottom of the line cell phone ... but, even at that, middle school & 3rd grade are years apart.... Stand firm!]

  7. Tania, thanks for making me smile..she used a typewriter?! Do people still have them? My ribbon is broken, so that wouldn't have helped her. Just let her know my darling granddaughter who is in the 4th grad does not have a cell phone and nor does she have a key to her house.

    I can feel your pain, especially with the cold front coming in and needing my big time pain meds. Its funny how I never lose them, I can always find them. When I take them I fall asleep and then nothing gets done around here.

    I can't wait to see what you have been up to, you are one talented lady.

    Oh, yes, I think not being able to get "the" perfect gift is a natural feeling during this time of the year and usually everybody likes what they get as long as it isn't underwear. LOL

    Just try to enjoy each moment.

    You look great in pink!!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I just found your blog and did a double take, thought I was reading about my daughter (also 8 yrs, 3rd grade). Although not as creative as yours, a phone is all she is and has been asking for for bdays and christmas.

    She goes no where that she would need one yet life as we know will end if she does not have one. Who will she call I ask, you she says, from my room when I need something. LOL My husband's eyes were huge. I asked him when we hired a maid because Momma doesn't jump on text demand.

    Thank you for sharing!

  10. smahrty...tooken is my favorite part too. :)

    melanie....determined is a gross understatement. LOL.

    colleen....i like that rule. )

    oh shel....we might not be able to have coffee, but please email me anytime you need a mom who understands to listen. please.

    nancy... YAY, you found me! thanks for stopping by. i don't shop at Pizazz It! but you might have seen me around town. if i shop at all (i hate shopping afterall) for scrapbook supplies, it's usually hobby lobby or archivers. thanks for reminding me to stand firm! i'm making doug read these comments tonight! LOL.

    martha...yep. a typewriter. she snatched it from my studio and it now resides on her homework desk in her room. she types up 'homework' sheets for her little sister ALL.THE.TIME. it's so cute. (thanks for the compliment--i love pink, but not as much as i love red! wish i looked better in red.)

    carol....*snort* momma doesn't jump on text demand! LOL. love it!


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