Friday, January 14, 2011

are you ready for a blog party!?!?

some random randomness for the day....and a few little exciting announcements! :)
  • thank you to everyone who left a word on yesterday's post. i feel so much better just putting it out there--having written it all down. like i can breathe again, or something. i will try my best to respond to each comment (right in the comment section) in the next few days.
  • we're 14 days into the new year, but my brain hasn't quite caught up yet. this can't be normal.
  • heh. that also means i have yet to say Goodbye to 2010 officially here on the blog.
  • or hello, to 2011 either.
  • i'm only slightly neurotic like that. ha.
  • spidergirl was taking a little nap last night and must have been dreaming because we heard her holler "ashlyn, can't you just hush, i can hardly hear myself think!"
  • that's the story of our lives right there. ashlyn constantly interrupting, always talking about her next big idea---better than anyone else. and she's always shushing spidergirl.
  • ashlyn made it all the way through her dental cleaning yesterday (GO Ashlyn!) before having a meltdown at the re-scheduling counter.
  • i just want to help make it all better, so bad. :(
  • the pain today is outrageous. bah.
  • i think i'll go get cozy with my heating pad until time for work.
but...................before i go, i have a few little announcements!

firstly, did you see that SRM ushered in a new team!? my year with them was up, but then....i was announced as an Emeritus Member of the team! so i'll still be contributing to them through 2011 also. YAY!

and the biggie........

Karen Foster Design will be kicking off a week of sneak peeks starting on Monday. Be sure to stop back here to see some of the new collections being released at the upcoming CHA show and to enter the drawing to win one of four FABULOUS prizes!

Each prize has a value of over $350 and is jam packed with goodies... check it out!

(click image to enlarge)

Here is a list of what is included in each of the four prize packages:

  • FOUR brand new themed collections being debuted at CHA Winter 2011 (with all of the corresponding papers, stickers, and embellishments)
  • FIVE of the themed collections released in October 2010 (including all of the papers and stickers)
  • ONE High Society Paper Craft Stack with 84 sheets of coordinating black and white patterned papers (retail value $19.99)
  • ONE 3-D Peek A Box (retail value $29.99)
  • ONE Countdown Calendar (retail value $19.99)
  • FOUR Assorted Pocket Notepads from our Stationery Collection (retail value $19.96)
  • ONE Holiday Bottle It Up Kit
  • ONE Harvest Bottle It Up Kit
  • ONE Holiday Make N Tag Kit (retail value $15.99)
  • TWO assorted Scrapper's Spools
  • TWO assorted Tubes of Crazy Coil Brads
  • THREE assorted Sports Themed Lil' Stacks
  • TEN brand new Summer Themed Lil' Stacks
  • ONE brand new Trinket Vintage Button Brads
  • ONE brand new Flying THIN-ments Decorative Metal Brads
  • ONE brand new Buds THIN-ments Decorative Metal Brads
  • ONE brand new Bubbles Fancy Frame
  • FIVE brand new Sports Themed Clear Stamp Sets (retail value $29.95)
  • ONE Cancer Survivor Clear Stamp Set
  • SIX packages of Swirl Burst Brads (one package of each color - retail value $29.94)
  • ONE package of Metal Loopy Brads
  • TWELVE packages of Birthstone Brads (one package for each month)
  • ONE package of Black & White Bradlines
  • ONE package of Screw Brads
  • ONE package of Mini Screw Brads
  • ONE package of Bloomin' Charms
for a total retail value of well over $350! Wouldn't it be fun to come home and find this box sitting on your doorstep? Be sure to come back starting Monday to help us celebrate Sneak Peek Week and to find out how to enter the giveaway.

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  1. WOW - you are not kidding. This would be a wonderful prize package to come home to. Hope you are feeling a little better throughout the day.


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