Sunday, January 09, 2011

december daily: day 19 airport adventures

(finally getting back into wrapping up the final 6 days of december. OY! i've got lots of catching up to do. for me, mentally, the new year hasn't yet started.)

airport adventures are always a roller coaster of emotions.

the fun & excitement of driving, then parking, then going in to find daddy's arrival gate inevitably leads to the meltdowns of disappointment when having to wait through a flight delay.

i tried to remedy the situation with some seek n find adventures, a little snack, and a walk around the terminal. but everyone's patience was wearing thin. mostly mine.

precisely at that time, he appeared through the exit and the girls went crazy.

*sigh* i'll never tire of airport reunions. they give me chillbumps every time. these girls love their daddy something fierce.

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