Sunday, January 09, 2011

december daily: day 24 Dear Santa.....

ahhhh! Christmas Eve. PART TWO

after coming home from grandma's and unloading the loot, we rushed the girls up the stairs for a bath and to get cuddly in some warm jammies.

then ashlyn got busy writing her letter to Santa.
this is something she's always done since her second Christmas and something that spidergirl gives input on, but has no desire to do herself.

this is actually the first year that spidergirl helped put together the tray of "goodies" for Santa and his hungry reindeer.

every year there is something different on the tray and we have discovered that Santa is like the human garbage disposal----he likes just about everything--especially junk food.

this year, they treated him with leftover pizza, crunchy cheetos, Hawaiian punch, animal crackets, honey pops cereal and celery for the reindeer. in other words, a heart attack on a plate with a side of health. *grin*

i should dig up all the photos of her Santa trays and letters over the years.
and her letter cracked me up!

she always wants a picture with her baby in front of the tree. every year. Santa has brought her a brand new baby every single Christmas except one. we'll have to see if there's a new one this year. she *adores* that babydoll so much and it used to go with her everywhere. but this year we've seen signs of her growing up and *sniff* growing out of her attachment to it. she's really like another family member.

in her other hand she's holding her ornament for this year. i get my kiddos a new ornament for the tree every year. usually it has some significance of something that happened throughout the year so they'll have a visual trigger of stories from their childhood. but, this year i got lazy on the hunt and decided to just get them their initials.

after the munchkins were tucked safe in bed the mister and i headed down to his man cave to wrap our gifts to the kids and gifts for our family exchange the next afternoon.

it's tradition of ours to wait until Christmas Eve to wrap. a tradition i'd like to break.

why? because this year we were up until 4AM! i'm getting to old for this stuff. sheesh.

all is calm and all is bright. good night.

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