Monday, January 10, 2011

sneakity peek at my kitchen redo!

so, the reason why i'm weeks behind on talking about the rest of my december daily is more than just CHA/scrapbooking deadlines. more than just battling illness and trying to be back to 100%. more than just i can't get my crap together.

(and....i still have 2 posts to go on that december daily. one day i'll catch up. someday.)

it's also because we've had our hands busy with a little kitchen makeover.

it's a pretty big change on a really small budget, in the big scheme of things.

it's something i've been wanting to do for a looooooooong time, but we can never seem to save up enough with all our medical expenses. so we've been doing a little here and a little there.

but thanks to my awesome daddy gifting me and doug each a home depot gift card for Christmas paired with a friend who was willing to donate his talents, we were well on our way to finishing our kitchen facelift. :)

*insert happy dance*

a few years ago.....a little at a time....
we added cabinets.
installed new countertops.
replaced the sink and faucet.
installed new light fixtures.

here's a peek at a little of what we've done since Christmas and what direction we're going in. it's now super bright and fresh. and my favorite color combo EVER. light blue, red and warm, buttery yellow. :)

(new poster i got for Christmas. :) from this etsy shop.)

we're not quite done yet.

still needing to:
get hinges for the cabinets.
add another coat of white to said cabinets.
paint the table top/chairs.
hang the cabinet doors.
find decorative plates.
decide on and install knobs.

speaking of deciding on knobs. this photo doesn't do most of these justice, but i think i've fallen for the round chunky blue ones. or should i do a hodge podge? or should i do a matte finish black knob and mount these to a white wall board straight across as decorative potholder/towel rack???

decisions, decisions.

i also need to decide what color to paint my table. it's currently a farmhouse style with butcher block top and white legs. but it's very well loved with lots of paint splatters and marker stains from all the kid crafting that has happened there over the years.

this is the closest picture i could find on the web.

while it would be awesome to buy something different that fits our space better, i'd rather sand the top down and paint it leaving the legs white.

so what color should i paint the top?

help a girl out, would ya?


  1. Ooohh . . . your colors are awesome! For the table I would paint it yellow because it would make the food on your plates seem more appetizing. But white would be nice, too. So excited to work with you on the SRM team :)

  2. Love this color combo. For me, I'd go with the black cabinet knobs and use those cute decorative ones for a towel rack like you said. And I think I'd paint the table top black. That way the blue walls really stand out and don't compete, and the red and yellow accents around brighten the place up perfectly. Just my opinion...can't wait to see the whole project done.

  3. WOW the colors are amazing and bright! TFS

  4. I would also use the black knobs and use the other ones for a towel rack, but
    I would paint the tabletop with chalkboard paint. The girls' could draw or figure out homework problems while sitting in the kitchen while you cook and I think that would be so cool. Keep us updated on your progress.

  5. I personally would go with black - not a big shock I know. But I do like the idea of chalkboard paint too! Can't wait to come over for dinner when it's finished. :o)

  6. Love the peeks of your kitchen and wanted to say a big congrats to you about staying on at SRM . that's so exciting

  7. wow.
    thanks everyone for stopping by and reading my shenanigans.

    melanie....i was thinking yellow too. i think i've nixed the white. i'd love white, but with two kiddos i don't think it's very practical.

    rachel. black has always been my plan. my husband isn't sold on black though. but it would match the cabinet/counter combo since the countertops are almost black. more like a charcoal black color. my daughter is begging me to paint it with chalkboard paint.

    hi carol! thanks for stopping by!

    danielle.....hahhaaha. that's exactly what my daughter wants. i already have chalkboard paint even. purchased it to paint a wall just outside their bedrooms. i've been thinking of painting a few of the upper cabinet insets with it too. just a few. i think doing all of them would be overboard.

    hi sis!
    you're welcome for dinner anytime. :) i'd say it won't be done til february though.

    hi kathy!
    thank you, thank you. :)

  8. love the knob decisions .. they all look great .. also love the idea for chalkboard paint .. thats such a great idea .. it will all look fantastic once it is finished ..


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