Monday, January 31, 2011

what's red and pink and glittery all over?

why, it's a Valentine's card, silly.

i know, i know, you were thinking i'd have some Twig layouts to share this morning----and i do---it's just they aren't photographed yet. so we'll push those to tomorrow.

this card here is my latest creation using the fabulous SRM Valentine stickers, paired with some Little Yellow Bicycle Cupcake Love. gosh, i can't get enough of that collection. i have some more Valentines with it to share the first part of next week---with a new video tutorial. yipppee!

as usual, i decorated the inside too. there's something funny to me about making a handmade card and stopping at the front. it just feels so unfinished. don'tcha think?

as you've heard me say before.....i just use bits and pieces of the same from the front and pull them to the inside. the SRM Valentine's stickers makes card making SO simple! since they are clear stickers they just melt right into the cardstock making it look more like a rub-on than a sticker. *swooooon*

are you a scrapbooker who swears to be card challenged?

if so, i have an e-book just for you!

Cards: Beautifully Handmade, is one of my e-books in a series of three called the Beautifully Handmade series.

for $20, you'll get 100+ full-color pages, filled full of card ideas for you to use up your scraps to make greetings that will touch the hearts of your friends and family.

from postal service regulations to envelope ideas: I cover everything you need to know about making and sending cards — beginning with USPS postal regulations for size and shape of standard cards vs. non-standard cards, moving on to unique folding techniques, shapely cards, transparent cards and then I get funky with envelope d├ęcor that is sure to make your recipient smile!

the other two books in the series are; Embellishments: Beautifully Handmade and Scrapbooking with Fabric.


  1. Canvas Prints on your home walls is a beautiful thing, especially if it’s your own canvas artwork or even if it is your own photo on canvas it still gives off a really different arty effect.

  2. I love how you decorated the inside of the card, I always for get to do that.


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