Tuesday, February 01, 2011

i've been scrappin'.....

who else is home buried under a sheet of ice (or a mountain of snow!?) what a storm, eh? i'm cozy at home today with two snuggly little girls because school is out for the day. and most likely tomorrow too.

i love snow days, but don't love what it does to my paycheck. no sick pay, snow day pay or vacation pay for me. boo. :( maybe i can sneak in that Etsy update today.

anywho.....as promised, i'm sharing my Twig layouts today! i'm not quite sure which one is my favorite.

this is a picture i've had printed and been hanging onto forevvvver. it's ashlyn when she was just 3 1/2. it makes me smile every time i see it, but never found the right papers/embellishments for a layout......until now. :)

isn't this face just irresistibly cute!? dirt and all. *sigh* oh how i miss that baby teeth smile.

of course, i took several close-up shots so you could see the product in action. as always, clicking any of the images will open them up bigger in a new screen.

these butterflies have stolen my heart. looooove them.

and ya'll know how much i love texture. so it's no surprise that i'm in love with these canvas border strips. eeeeks. they are AWESOME!

the stickers in this collection have such detail that when you put them on the page they blend so well that they almost look like they are printed on the patterned paper. like the branch you see in this image. yep. it's a sticker.

and this photo is another favorite! i still don't think i did it any justice, but it was fun trying. LOL. it's my husband and my grandma---the one the girls call 'little grandma' with crumbles on her face (crumbles = wrinkles, LOL).

i challenged myself to try some things i've been wanting to try forever......paint splatters and rolled paper.

i wish you could see this one in person. the depth and dimension on it is so amazing. Little Yellow Bicycle products make scrapbooking so easy with all the different textures on their embellishments.

i discovered for the perfect paint splatters, you need three things: paint, water, cheap paintbrush. thin your paint by using equal amounts of paint and water. then hold your brush firmly with your dominant hand parallel to your background paper about 6" away and then use your non-dominant hand to tap it. the harder you tap the more paint that is going to fall. also the thinner the paint, the larger your splotches are going to be.

here's a good shot of the paper rolls from above...

and a super close, close-up. i just cut a piece of the patterned paper to 2" x 12", crumpled it up, rolled it lengthwise so i had a 12" long roll, then snipped them to be between 1" and 1 1/2" long. adhered them with glue dots. :)

i'm outta here........spidergirl is begging to scrapbook with me. ya'll know i won't turn that down. :)

stay safe & warm, my friends!


  1. Beautiful layouts! I love this collection, so going to save to get all this collection. TFS, stay warm.

  2. Love those photos and layouts! I definately can't wait because I want this whole collection.

  3. Here is the weather forecast from GFS,

    snow rain maps

  4. I love both of these! I know what you mean about the snow days and no pay --- sad but yet grateful to be home with the kiddies.

    ALSO - I got my AWESOME Karen Foster package yesterday --- AMAZING!!! Thank you again.


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