Wednesday, February 02, 2011

tell me you've heard of CSN Stores!?

i am sure you have all heard of CSN Stores! Right?

if you are a familiar with the blogging world or if you're someone that likes to go searching for fantastic blog giveaways, you have probably come across CSN Stores!

i first discovered CSN stores myself when i entered a blog giveaway and have found myself lost in their huge selection of products ever since. they carry a wide variety of awesome products, from baby items to household goods to swing sets for kids. yes, i said swing sets for kids! the whole shabang, or just individual accessories to trick out your backyard play area.

they even carry my most favorite adhesive ever! for reals!

they practically carry every thing imaginable! with thousands of items qualifying for free shipping. who doesn't love free shipping!?

this freezing cold, icy weather, with 45 mph winds has me stuck at home for day 2 of no school and wide awake waaaaaay too early in the morning. what's a girl to do when she's up at 6am with 2 princesses sleeping soundly?

why, waste time surfin' the net, while dreaming about spring of course! LOL.

i went on a quest through the website to see if i could find a few things that i love and i didn't have to look too far!

i didn't take me long to find something to fall in love with! like, these wall decals that i'm crushing on big time....i want them for spidergirl's bedroom!

and this zebra rug....

i can just hear the giggles from spidergirl listening to a bath-time puppet show with this blue monster puppet...

and ashlyn would love if i added these dot art daubers to our craft closet....

take some time to check out CSN stores and see what you can's definitely a one-stop online shopping spot. too bad they don't sell milk & bread, LOL!

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  1. I have never heard of this, so I will check it out. TFS


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