Monday, March 14, 2011

it's no wonder.....

i can't ever get my studio completely cleaned up and space cleared to get some important projects done.

i keep getting sidetracked along the way by all the bits and pieces of scraps from other cards and layouts. adult attention deficit, maybe?

what can i say? i'm visually inspired by just about everything i see. especially when it's my favorite combination of colors: red, light blue and butter yellow.

so, when i start cleaning up my studio and pile cardstock scraps their pile, a paper scraps in their pile, and gather loose embellishments, sometimes the combination of random products laying around just screams "do something with me" and i have to stop and marry them together on a card.

then i flip through my SRM sticker sentiments to find the perfect sticker to add.

this Birdie set happens to be the one i used on this card.

once i have it done, i think to myself, well, isn't that something?

i would have never thought to pull those products together in that way if i had the choice to pick and grab products from my stash, but somehow, those tiny scraps in the middle of a cleaning spree sparked something inside of me. :)

that's my favorite kind of inspiration. in fact, most all of the cards i've sold in my etsy shop have been born this way. that shop is a little bare at the moment, but i have plans to fill it up soon. i'm working on more embellished yo-yo sets in spring colors. :)

tonight. no excuses. i must get the studio cleaned up. i have a video to film!


  1. I love creative accidents! :)

  2. What a cute card!! I wish my mind would work likes yours when putting things away they jump together in marriage of a wonderful cute card!! thanks for sharing!!


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