Friday, April 29, 2011

TUTORIAL: Little Yellow Bicycle + May Arts = PERFECTION

while i catch my breath, how about a few crafty shares? it's been a whirlwind of a week, this week of spring break. i, uh, we, haven't gotten much accomplished around here other than staying up late, sleeping in, and making a mess. but sometimes that's needed, ya know.

heck, really, it's been a whirlwind of a month, if i'm being honest. i suppose it's quite obviously with my hit or miss blogging routine as of late. but i'll make up for it soon.

anywho. in between the moments of being lazy, i've stolen away some time to get some deadlines met and craft a few projects for the May Arts/Little Yellow Bicycle blog fest!

so, while i catch up on organizing the bazillion photos i've taken and try to convince my brain of all the little details that accompany those photos, i thought i'd share a few projects and the instructions to go along with them. sound good?

oh, and while i have your can win some awesome Little Yellow Bicycle and May Arts goodies just by visiting and commenting over on the LYB blog &/or the May Arts blog. :) good luck!

and now for the projects....

Bloom Card
  • white cardstock
  • EP - 102 Bloom Bands paper (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP - 135 Favorite Pieces Cardstock Stickers (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP -305 Paper Flower Kit (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP - 219 Flower Button Dots (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP - 161 Paper Lace Stickers (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP - 220 Fabric Favorites (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • Green Twill ribbon (May Arts)
  • May Arts Teal Sheer Line Edge Ribbon (May Arts)
  • May Arts Grey Satin Pleat Ribbon (May Arts)
  • Pink Felt Flower (Maya Road)
  • SuperTape (Therm O Web)
  • Zots (Therm O Web)
1. Cut white cardstock to 7" x 10". Fold in half to form card base.
2. Cut EP - 102 Bloom Bands paper to 5" x 4". Adhere to card front.
3. Apply SuperTape strips just above and just below the paper.
4. Apply May Arts Green Twill ribbon along the bottom of paper. Trim overhang.
5. Apply May Arts Grey Satin Pleat ribbon along the top of paper. Trim overhang.
6. Adhere "bloom" sticker from EP - 135 Favorite Pieces with dimensional foam tape.
7. Create accordion folded blossom from EP - 305 Paper Flower Kit.
8. Adhere one flower embellishment from EP -219 Flower Button Dots on top of accordion flower and another just beside it.
9. Adhere green lace sticker from EP - 161 Paper Lace Stickers.
10. Cut 10" of May Arts Teal Sheer Line Edge ribbon and tie in bow. Adhere with Zots.

11. Adhere pink felt flower from Maya Road using Zots.

12. Adhere three additional flowers from EP - 220 - Fabric Favorites.

You Are Loved Layout
  • EP101 Sing Song I (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP104 Fuchsia Flower Dot (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP103 Tiny Lattice Teal (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP102 Bloom Bands (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP201 Canvas Border Stickers (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP135 Favorite Pieces Stickers (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP140 Fresh Verse Stickers (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP134 Journaling Cards (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP220 Fabric Favorites (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP165 Chipboard Sticker Embellishments (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP197 Jewel Stickers (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP195 Dimensional Butterfly Stickers (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • EP185 Epoxy Stickers (Little Yellow Bicycle)
  • 1 yard Green Twill Ribbon (May Arts)
  • 1 yard Orange Solid Center Stitches Ribbon (May Arts)
  • 1 Gingham Fabric Blossom - Green (Maya Road)
  • Zots (Therm O Web)
  • SuperTape (Therm O Web)
  • needle
  • green thread

1. Cut 1/2" x 12" strip of EP104 Fuchsia Flower Dot and adhere to bottom of EP103 Tiny Lattice Teal.
2. Cut butterfly strip from EP102 Bloom Bands and adhere directly above Fuchsia Flower Dot.
3. Cut yellow strip from EP102 Bloom Bands and adhere directly above butterfly strip.
4. Cut 7" x 7" square from lower right section of EP101 Spring Song I and adhere above yellow strip, right aligned.
5. Adhere 5" x 7" photo above yellow strip, left aligned.
6. Adhere white/grey scalloped border from EP201 Canvas Sticker Borders above photo.
7. Layer quote sticker strip from EP140 Fresh Verse Stickers along the straight edge of canvas border.
8. Adhere pink scalloped journaling card from EP134 along lower right corner of photo.
9. Layer stickers onto top of pink scalloped journaling card from EP135 Favorite Pieces, EP140 Fresh Verse Stickers, and EP220 Fabric Favorites.
10. Embellish further with tiny dot stickers from EP185 Epoxy Stickers.
11. Gather 1 yard of May Arts Green Twill ribbon down to 12" long using lime green thread and a long running stitch.
12. Adhere gathered ribbon along the top edge of the yellow strip of patterned paper using SuperTape.

13. Adhere Maya Road Green Gingham Fabric Blossom using Zots.
14. Embellish EP101 Spring Song paper with additional stickers from EP185 Epoxy Stickers as shown.
15. Adhere "love" sticker to the pre-printed bracket along the far right edge of layout from EP135 Favorite Pieces.
16. Double up 1 yard of May Arts Orange Solid Center Stitches ribbon and wrap around top of layout overlapping the grey/white scalloped canvas border. Tie in bow, trim ends.

17. Embellish the butterfly strip along bottom edge. Butterflies from EP195 Dimensional Butterfly Stickers, EP165 Chipboard Sticker Embellishments and EP140 Favorite Pieces.
18. Embellish butterfly bodies and upper right corner of layout with rhinestone stickers from EP197 Jewel Stickers.

Enjoy! i'll be back soon with lots of photo shares of the past week, including Easter egg dye, ashlyn's new favorite person, Easter day, crafting, spidergirl's first time roller skating, our visit to World of Bounce, fun at the park, and maybe even a little Royal Wedding celebration girlie style. it's been a fun week around these parts.

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  1. Love your projects!
    Glad to hear that you've all been enjoying spring break.


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