Monday, April 25, 2011

spring break entertainment...

here's some of the awesome things i've gathered to keep us busy during spring break....i highly recommend all of them. (no, i haven't gotten paid to promote any of them)

Doodle Journal by Klutz - this journal retails for $16.99, but we got lucky and found it at Michael's, during a sale for $5.99. so CUTE!

Do A Dot Art Markers - these retail for $14.99. we got our Rainbow set in one trip for 40% off at Michael's with a coupon, then went back the following week for the Brilliant set with another coupon. well worth the money and they don't dry out like markers do.

Do A Dot Art Activity Book - there are so many of these books, so we picked one that seemed to have a mix of images from all the books. retailing for $4.99, these books have 25 images printed on heavy-weight cardstock like paper and are perforated for ease when tearing out. we plan on using the images in the book as templates and making copies onto our own cardstock. you can get these at Michael's also, or online at Amazon or at CSN Stores.

Funky Groovy Tie Dye Kit - i added this kit to our craft cabinet. it comes with the three primary colors which you can mix to make the secondary colors, gloves, rubber bands, and instructions. it dyes 5 shirts---maybe more if they're all kid sized. we have our stack of shirts ready to go and can't wait to share the results.

Beads, beads, and more beads! we've got ourselves lots and lots of beads.

Sharpie, 24ct pk, fine point - who doesn't like a Sharpie? i prefer the Ultra Fine point tip for myself, but ashlyn has quite a liking for these fine point ones. she loves to draw so these will get lots and lots of use.

Low-Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun - they each got their own low-temp glue gun so we don't have burned fingertips. this addition will make crafting so much less frustrating since the glue dries in seconds.

B. Pop Arty Beads - we got ours at Target, but you can also order on Amazon, and are perfect to fill up a tupperware container and take for crafting on the go. (i.e. waiting at the doctor/hospital, long car rides, etc.)

among many other things like:
unfinished wood frames
potholder weaving looms
every color of craft paint you'd ever need
google eyes
craft foam
my scrapbook supplies :)

it's gonna be a funnnnnnnn week! starting tomorrow.


  1. Fun ideas -- my friend say that I am craft addicted - but I can't help getting excited by markers, bead, hot glue guns and so on….

  2. I have those dot much fun for little ones, and adults! I'll have to look for those beads when I go to target!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! I hope y'all enjoy your vacation time together.


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